What's In My Bag: Night Out


Hey peeps!

So, who else loves reading/watching What's In My Bag posts/videos? I am all about them. It's been a while since I've done one of these. I got a new bag recently and it's not as big as my other bags. I think this one is great for going out at night, when I don't have to take too much with me.

This is what I carry with me when I'm out, going to a party or just having drinks.

My bag is from this seasons F/W15 DKNY collection. I love the colour a lot; I used to hate green and I can't believe I bought a bright green bag that's not even cheap at all, but I figured it would look good with the black-and-white theme I recently have been doing with my clothes.

I only take the bare essentials with me when I'm going out. I'm always afraid of losing something so I don't want to carry a lot of stuff I really don't need.

In my purse I will only have some money, my passport and my driver's licence. That way it's a lot less heavy to carry around and if I lose it, my bank card will be safely at home with the rest of my cards.

I'll always take a little pouch that contains some band-aids, pain killers, tablets for my throat... kind of like a first-aid kit. I usually put my ear-plugs in there too, when I'm going to a party and the music is going to be loud.

I'll always have my iPod Touch with me (my phone too, but hey I didn't think I would have to include that in the picture as that's kind of obvious) to take some pictures. It's always nice to pop it out at one point and take some crazy selfies with friends to go on instagram or facebook!

I don't usually take a lot of make up at all, but sometimes I'll just pop in a concealer and the lip product I'm wearing that night, just to touch up a bit halfway.

So, that's basically all I take with me on a night out. What are your essentials? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,


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