A Catch Up


Hey lovely human beings,

It is time for another catch up. I feel like I need these every once in a while, just to keep my sanity while I try to juggle this daily blogging thing with school and my internship.

How I'm managing to keep my blog on a daily schedule? I just do. I don't even have time to think about it. I plan my posts out way in advance, meaning only a few posts in the last month have been spontaneous. It's a shame but that's just how it is. I have one day in my week where I can let myself be at peace for a few hours, and taking pictures for my blog really helps me to calm down, it's almost therapeutic. If I want it to be, I'll have to know exactly what I'm going to be taking photos of. By planning out my posts and writing down what I'll be using in the post, I'll know exactly what products to put together for a certain photo.

How I'm doing at my internship? Fine, thank you. I love being around there, they don't put too much pressure on me either which I really appreciate. Luckily my days aren't very long so I can come home at a decent hour - with the sun still in the sky for at least the next few weeks - and be able to catch up on reading blogs and writing future blog posts.

And school, is that still a thing? Yes, the one week day I'm not at my internship, I'm going to school. My teacher helps me in the progress of my design and I have to be there every week. I'm not taking courses anymore, I just have to sit down with my teacher every week to see what progress I've made so far. It's good to do these every week so I force myself to work for school every weekend. Sundays are for school - could be more exciting though but I just need to hold on for another two months for my internship to be over. Then I can fully focus on my school project until January!

Yes, I still have other hobbies at the same time I'm juggling all three of these. I'm going to choir practise every week and since I have a bit more responsibility there too, I have to put a lot of time in writing out scores and stuff. It's great though, I really love it, I just wish I had more time for the fun stuff. But hey, the sacrifice is hopefully worth it!

Let me know how you've been doing these last couple of months. I'm sure a lot of you went (back) to uni or started working at a new job, feel free to talk about it, I'll be happy to have a conversation about how you're juggling your blog with everything else in your life! Would really like to know how other people keep up with it.

Lots of love,


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