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I don't have to tell you how much I love eyeshadows. To me it's always important to define the crease with an appropriate shade. These four are my absolute favourites for any occasion.

First up is the Kiko Infinity eyeshadow in the shade Satin Brick 210. It's a very warm brown - when swatched it almost looks like a red, hence the name "brick" - and I picked it up because it's a satin finish. I was actually looking for a matte shade like this, but the Kiko one is the closest I could find. Because it's not glittery at all, it's perfect to warm up the crease, especially if the colours you're using on the rest of the lid are already quite cold. I use this one a lot in Autumn!

Next we have a Mac eyeshadow in Coquette. This one is a lot colder in shade, it almost has an olive tone to it. I love using it with my other khaki eyeshadows. Again, this is matte, so perfect to put into the crease.

Moving on to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. In the original Naked palette we have the shade Buck, which is a dark beige colour that had a warm undertone. I use this one all day everyday, it literally works with every single colour you could ever imagine. It's a very natural shade so it really creates that shadow in the crease in a natural looking way. Again, it's completely matte, which I love to use with these very shimmery shades in the Naked palette! In the Naked 2 palette we have the shade called Tease, which is a matte taupey-grey colour. This one is great for creating colder toned looks and even works all over the lid, but I very much prefer it as a crease shadow. It almost has a hint of purple running through it. I love the look of this one on its own as well. I usually combine it with colder shades, like the silver ones in the palette.

Kiko 210 - Mac Coquette - Urban Decay Buck - Urban Decay Tease

What are your favourite crease colours to finish off a look, or to use on its own? Let me know in the comments!

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