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Hey everyone!

Okay so my blog is basically one big chunk of rave reviews and praise-the-lord's but sometimes, you know, I just don't enjoy a product that much and when something's hyped up by everyone and I don't seem to get on with it, I'm kind of disappointed. Here are some of those products I've not been getting on with in the last months.

First of all there are two dry shampoos. You know how I'm very much attached to dry shampoos and I love the CoLab ones, but the Extreme Volume one just isn't for me. It's like a hairspray, but even more crunchy. It leaves my hair very stiff and unable to work with. This is an absolute no-go for me.

I had heard a lot about the Batiste coloured dry shampoos and before I had highlights in my hair, I used to have quite dark hair. I picked up the Dark&Brunette one and it worked okay during the day. What I didn't like about it is when washing it out, it is just disgusting. The brown residue coming out is plain filthy and I never used it again. I'm glad the regular CoLab dry shampoos really do work for me and don't leave any residue at all.

I received the Rimmel 60 Second Super Shine nail polish in 203 Lose Your Lingerie for free someday (it was a 40 year celebration of my local drugstore) so I was glad I could try it out. I had never tried any Rimmel nail polishes and I believe a lot of YouTubers love these. I don't know if it's the colour or the whole consistency of the product in combination with the wonky brush, but it sucked at applying evenly. It left the polish streaky and not opaque as it should be. Shame.

What I'm about to say is going to shock everyone but I have not experienced any major differences while using the Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray. If anything, it seems to move around my make up during the day. I think powders just work a lot better on my oily skin. I won't be repurchasing that one again, although I am still going to use it up. Luckily I only bought a travel size!

I had never tried any body butters from The Body Shop until I picked up this Coconut Body Butter, along with the Shea Butter one. This one is very oily, sticky and really doesn't sink into my skin as it should. I very much prefer the Shea Butter, which is soft, rich and moisturizes my skin so well, in stead of making it tacky. Such a shame because I really do love the smell of this!

Then we have the famous Maybelline Master Sculpt contour kit. Mine is in Light/Medium, I figured that one would suit me best because I'm not all that tanned in my face. It's just horrible on my skin. If it shows up at all, it shows up quite orange so I can't contour with it at all. The pigmentation is not good, people! I kind of wish I went for the darker one, but I didn't know when I got this, as I couldn't swatch it in store. The highlighter is also quite chalky and powdery and has massive fall out so it gets everywhere! It kind of puts me off to try the darker one. Everyone seems to love this one, still it's not something I will be using again and I will most definitely give it away!

Lastly we have the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner in Beyond Blue. I have never tried the black one because I never felt the need to. When they came out with the coloured ones, that was just something else. This colour is oh so beautiful, but I just hate the formula. First of all I don't think this one is easy to apply at all, since you really have to squeeze out the product and pack it on, secondly it dries so fast you can't really go back in or correct if you make a mistake, then it just dries up and you either have to crumble it off or start your whole eye look again. It's also the worst to get off, because again, it dries up very thick and starts to crumble when I put my make up remover on. I really wish I loved it more because I was definitely planning on picking up all four colours if I did.

Are there any hyped up products you really don't get on with? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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  1. well it's not because it doesn't work for me that it won't work for you! I think it really depends on your skin type and how you want the finish to be. I just really don't understand how it's supposed to work, I see much more results with a powder ;) But maybe you can buy the travel size first, so if you end up not liking it, you didn't spend too much money on it? anyways I hope it will work for you! x

  2. True,but I find post dry shampoos have that problem. I can use the full size about 4-5 times before it runs out, with any brand, to be honest ;)

  3. ah well luckily it wasn't too expensive then ;)

  4. I've had this setting spray on my wishlist for ages, everyone just seems to love it! I'm so glad I read this post :)


  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with dry shampoo based disappointments! The reside on the Batiste tinted formula is ridiculous, it would get all under my nails and everything :S I agree the Colab Extreme Volume is more like a hairspray. To be honest I don't rate the original formula, the scents are nice but I feel like I have to empty half the can onto my hair the night before for it to do the job! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  6. the normal Colab ones are great! Too bad FeelUnique stopped shipping them to Belgium... &I don't know about the nailpolish brush, could be mine is faulty but I don't think so. I just really don't like it ;)

  7. Shame about the Rimmel polish, I have that one and really like it! I actually like the brush, maybe you got a faulty one? I do find it needs 3 coats though. I'm so keen to try the UD spray...I hope it works out for me. I was going to buy the travel size but it's so much more economical to buy the full size! I also dislike the Colab extreme volume, I guess I need to give the normal ones a go!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  8. A while back a lot of people seemed to be loving the Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip lacquer and I thought 'why not? it's not that expensive' and I ended up hating it.. Xx


  9. ah yeah I remember our conversation on instagram! Too bad such an expensive liner doesn't work out, right? I don't know why everyone keeps raving about it!

    Yeah I hear everyone talking about the setting sprays, but my skin just gets so oily, even with powders it gets oily throughout the day. I wish I could pull off the dewy look but it just makes me look even oilier and that's NOT what we want, is it? ;)

  10. No, I have to agree with you! I also can't pull off the dewy look, because, as you said, it's just looking oily and greasy and gross in no time haha :)

  11. thanks Rebecca! Yeah well I didn't have the chance to swatch them because I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY DIDN'T PUT A FRICKIN' TESTER IN STORE but I don't like the consistency either so yeah, even if I got the darker shade, I don't think I would have liked it even if the colour was right!

  12. The regular Batiste Dry Shampoos are great though! Just not the coloured one, I think it's gross ;) don't be put off to try ANY batiste dry shampoos just because this one didn't work out for me! I love the regular ones and they have great scents ;) I also really like the Syoss one so you really can't go wrong with either of them!

  13. I am currently looking for new dry shampoo and everyone is praising Batiste so much and you changed my thoughts on buying one. I'll give Syoss dry shampoo chance instead.

  14. I love reading disappointing products posts! I know exactly what you mean about the residue from the coloured Batiste dry shampoos; I avoid them too now. I was really interested in getting the Maybelline Master Sculpt as the contour shade looks nice and cool but if it comes off orange I don't think I'll bother - will have a good swatch at least before I take the plunge.
    Great post overall - even though it's annoying getting disappointing products I can't wait for your next post about them!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  15. Aw shame about these products! I love reading These kinds of posts though, so interesting! X
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  16. I totally agree with you with the Benefit Liners! (As we talked on instagram already haha 😋). And I also get it with the master sculpt. The only thing I use from it is the highlighter, and tbh I haven't noticed that fallout with it o.o The only thing where I was really surprised was the UD setting spray, as I really enjoy this one. :/

    Lots of love, Sophie

  17. I'm often disappointed by Body Shop body butters - I kind of expect something really great for the price, y'know? The ones I've received as free gifts have been nice enough, and as a whole I love Body Shop, but I just think there are loads of better ones at much lower price points!

    Misia xx

  18. I remember when that Benefit liner came out and everyone was just raving about it. I never tried it because I just assumed it was too good to be true... And I think I was right :)

  19. I haven't tried any of these but surprised about the urban decay spray purely because I've heard so many good things about it!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com