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Hey everyone!

Today is the first one in a series of 4 looks for Halloween. If you need any last-minute ideas, feel free to steal one of mine, as long as you show me how it turned out!

I have a purpley duo-chrome look for you here, which can be interpreted the way you want to: it can be great for a galactic look, but also if you want to achieve a mermaid look. Whatever you want to call it! You can also take this as far as you want to and build up the colour as intense as you want them to be. I did mine on only half of my face, but you can go all out if you want.

I'm sorry for the weird quality of the pictures, I realised later my camera was still on a different setting from taking pictures of the SuperBloodMoon, but I hope you're able to see how the look turned out. The whole duo-chrome thing does not show up as much as I wanted it to, but I can tell you it looked pretty amazing in real life. I was pretty chuffed with this look, if I'm honest!

Enough rambling, here's my galactic eye look!

Products used:
l'Oréal Color Riche Chameleon 601 Soleil Levant
l'Oréal Color Riche Smoky 307 Argentic
Urban Decay Tonic
Urban Decay Solstice
YSL Ombre 5 Lumières palette - upper left and lower right colour
Mac Blue Brown pigment

I started of with the l'Oréal Color Riche Chameleon 601 Soleil Levant, a gorgeous pale duochrome that has hints of blue, grey and green in it; I put it all over my lids as a base to start with. Then I went in with Urban Decay's Tonic, a very bright purple duochrome with blue reflecting through it. I put that one on the outer 2/3 of my lids, leaving the inner 1/3 free. To define the crease I took the matte purple shade from the YSL palette (upper left) and put quite a strong line in the crease, blending it out with the metallic purple shade in the palette (lower right). I finished the eye look with l'Oréal Color Riche Smoky 307 Argentic in the inner corners, to give it some sparkle.

That's what I did for both eyes. I left my right eye like this and went on with the left part of my face. I went back to Urban Decay's Tonic and put it all over the left half. I blended everything with my fingers instead of brushes, as it would take me forever with a brush. If you prefer brushes anyways, I suggest you take a big, dense brush to make it go quicker, or we'd be here all day. With my fingers, this whole look took me about 15 minutes. Not bad at all right? Anyways, moving on, I went in with Urban Decay's Solstice, a gorgeous pink metallic duochrome that reflects purpley brown. These duochromes are hard to explain, but they are gorgeous when you see them IRL. I put Solstice everywhere I would normally highlight, so on the cheekbone up in a C-shape to my browbone. That's the one that really gives the reflection to this look. I highlighted on my "bare" side with the l'Oréal Chameleon colour on my cheekbone, browbone, down my nose and on my cupids bow. It's pale enough to highlight with, but still gives a blue sheen so the bare side still has that duochrome glaactic/mermaid feel to it.

For a bit of extra definition I took my Mac Blue Brown pigment and put it on the outer corner of my left eye, where the intense make up is going on. After putting on some mascara, I searched for some decoration. The only thing I could find were some star-shaped nail stickers, but anything you have laying around will do: some gems, beads, stars... If you have some lash glue, you can use that to stick them down.

I used a pale nude lipstick here, so all the attention would go to the eyes, but if you have a bright purple lipstick laying around, I bet that one would look great with this as well! If you want to make it extra sharp, maybe you can combine it with some geometric black liner, or even silver liner. There is so much left to add to this look, I left it at this part because I think it looks cool, but not too much if you're not comfortable with going all out.

If you want to check out some other duochrome eyeshadows, I've heard Make Up Geek does some great ones, you might want to have a look at those for recreating this look!

Do you consider doing this look? Let me know if you do and don't forget to show me a picture on twitter @charline_st or instagram @charlineofficial.

Make sure to check out tomorrow's post for another Halloween look!

Lots of love,


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