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Hey everyone!

Today I have a fun Halloween look for if you don't like to dress up. I feel you, I'm not the one for playing dress up so I'm all about no-effort costumes. This one takes about half an hour to an hour to make, depending on how handy and crafty you are, but takes literally no time to get ready for the party because you can wear anything you want.

I'm also quite obsessed with playing Sims, although I've only ever played Sims 2, I loved building houses. This outfit is perfect if you are the one with the tongue-in-cheek humor or if you are really not about going all out with your halloween outfit.

You will need:

-Hot glue gun
-Stencil sheet
-Stanley knife
-Also maybe some regular crafting glue that I forgot to include in the picture, for sticking the paper onto the cardboard

On the stencil paper I only used the two green segments. I didn't use the two other parts because 1) I have no idea how or where they would go and 2) I decided to use wire anyways for keeping it straight.
I started off with cutting out the two elements. The dark one is supposed to go on the bottom and the lighter one on top. I accidentally started to other way around so I used two lighter segments, but if you want to get that real gradient effect you can use the two parts on the stencil. Just remember which one goes first and don't make the same mistake as I did!

Then I cut out some cardboard triangles to give the shape some staying power. Paper only would get crushed or smushed immediately. I stuck them on with some crafting glue. I also made two cardboard hexagons for the top, so I could glue the two parts together more easily.

I took some of the iron wire and started wrapping it around the hairband. I made sure the string would be long enough to attach it to the plumbob. With a hot glue gun I glued it between two cardboard parts. when that was done I glued the ends together and the hexagon on top. Easy as that!

When that was done, all I had to do was make the other part the same way, only without the struggle of the iron wire, then let it dry for a second and glued it op top of the other one. Voila! Your costume is ready!

If you are searching for a way to go all out with this easy "costume" anyways, maybe this will give you some inspiration. Very clever, I think!

Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/146789269079130019/
you can download the full sized document via this link:

Tomorrow will be the last Halloween look for you guys! I had way too much fun doing these ;)
Let me know if this one would be something for you!

Lots of love,


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