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Hello everyone!

Today is a very exciting post for me, because y'all know how much I'm into eyeshadows! I'm going to divide them up into singles and palettes, starting with the palettes today. Swatches are included.

Whilst I was taking pictures for this post, I also decided to declutter a little bit. I got  rid of 7 out of 24 palettes, which for me is such a great achievement! I'll throw some old ones away and give away some others.

Warning: this post is very long. If you're like TL;DR I really hope you at least enjoy the pictures! ;-) It took me a whole while to take them, even to the point where it started to get dark at the end so excuse the colours of the last 3 or 4 pictures.

If you want to catch up on the other episodes in the Make Up Series, here they are:

One of these three palettes was my very first eyeshadow palette. To this day I have no clue whatsoever which one came first. The Guerlain Divinora Touche de Nacre N°200 was a gift from my mom. It had the most gorgeous soft pastel colours in it and I was absolutely in love with it!

The one in the blue case is from a brand they sell at the pharmacy because it's hypo-allergenic. T.Leclerc always had such great palettes in the old days. The Belle De Nuit palette is the only product I ever owned of this brand though. I used the white and grey eyeshadow to death when I first got it!

Then there is that multi-colour palette everyone owned in some way or another. This Deluxe Case is from a rather unknown brand (it was rather cheap as well) called Bella Oggi. I never used the bright colours a lot, but mostly used the left half of the palette. The quality of this palette sucked and it smelled like old powdery make up. But you know, when you were young and wanted to experiment with eyeshadow, you bought one of these, end of story.

All three of them are so old I just have to get rid of them. They are not even worth passing onto someone else. Glad I can throw some of them out so I can make room for new ones!

Swatches: left T.Leclerc Belle De Nuit / right Guerlain Divinora

Next up are four rather old palettes, but they're still in good condition. The Chanel les 4 ombres in 46 Frissons is one that was previously owned by my dear mother, but she didn't use it anymore so now I have it. These are the kind of shades I normally don't go for, but that blue shade is so pretty! The pigmentation got lost somewhere in the aging process but it's great for when I want a really soft purply look. Definitely one I will keep until none of the pigment comes off again!

Next up is the Givenchy Prisme Again in 43 Smoky Shimmer. I used this one soooo much a few years back. Smoky Shimmer was my go-to look. I dug it up recently and tried to use it again for a bit. It's great to keep in my stash for if I want a smoky look (which is probably only once a month or so, but still).

Swatches: left Givenchy Prisme Again / right Chanel Les 4 Ombres

Then there is the big golden one which is from Estée Lauder and was part of a make up beauty case which included some brushes, lipsticks, mascara and so on. My mom bought it for the two of us, so she could use whatever she needed and I could experiment with the rest of it. Strangely enough I never used the Deluxe Pure Colour Eyeshadow palette all that much. It's still in such good shape and the shades are so pretty, but I probably won't ever reach for it again. I'm going to give this one away to one of my my friends.

Last one in the picture is the Mac Colour Forms 5 Warm Eyes palette. This one is super old and was part of a limited edition collection. I've been using it to this day, simply because I can't find anything like that red shade anywhere else. Look how pretty it looks? I will probably hold onto this one forever. Or until I find an exact replacement for the red shade.

Swatches: left Mac Colour Forms / right Estée Lauder Deluxe Pure Colour Eyeshadow

These four palette with 5 eyeshadows I probably love the most to look at. They are four completely different palettes, starting with the purply YSL Ombres 5 Lumières palette. This one probably followed one of the palettes above. Again, After I bought it I discovered I wasn't that much into purple shades. After that purchase I didn't buy any eyeshadows for a very very very long time. I think I even bought that one before the Givenchy Prisme Again but you know, things get fuzzy when you buy so many palettes! I recently rediscovered this one and I think it's perfect to rock a purple smokey eye!

After not buying make up for at least a year, a Mac store opened in my neighborhood. That's where everything started again. I bought the Veluxe Pearl Fusion palette in Brownluxe because I didn't own any of these shades before (except from the ugly multi-color palette I never used). This one is perfect for experimenting. I was already watching YouTube tutorials at the time and was very intrigued by the inner corner highlight and lining your eyes with eyeshadow. This palette has the perfect mix to do all of that! A subtle shimmery highlight, a matte beige blending shade, a very pigmented gold and even so pigmented khaki brown and last but not least a buttery chocolate brown. I started practising more and more of the techniques just with this palette. No wonder I think it's still a keeper! (After that I think I bought the Urban Decay Naked palette, but I will get to that one in a minute).

The next one is one I really really love for spring and summer. The YSL Couture Palette in Bleus Lumières with it's gorgeous coral and turquoise shades. Need I say more? This one looks so luxurious, probably one of the reasons why I picked it up. I think it was limited edition at the time, but I see it around in the shops from time to time, maybe with a regular packaging instead.

The last one is also my last YSL palette, I promise! This Couture Palette is from the permanent collection and is called Ballets Russes. I love the golden shades in this palette, and I adore the bright shades to add that pop of colour to my look! I also think it looks very princessy, that's why I have used it in my Cinderella inspired make up post and in my Elsa inspired make up post!

Swatches: left upper corner YSL Ombres 5 Lumières / left lower corner Mac Brownluxe / right upper corner YSL Couture Palette Bleus Lumières / right lower corner YSL Couture palette Ballets Russes

I picked up an Urban Decay Naked palette when I was in Milan last year. Everyone kept talking about it and using it in tutorials and I was completely obsessed with it! I never bought make up online at that time so I waited until I was united with a Sephora store. It was a tough decision, whether to buy the Naked or Naked 2. I decided the original would suit me best.

After using that one to death for 6 months or so, I felt the need to buy Urban Decay Naked 2 ànd Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in one go. Not sure why I did that, because clearly I didn't need 2 more big eyeshadow palettes. I'm so glad I did though, because I cherish them with all my heart. The original Naked palette is still my favourite out of these 3. You never forget your first love!

Swatches: left Urban Decay Naked / middle Urban Decay Naked 2 / right Too Faced Chocolate Bar

These three palettes have never been on top of my list. I was looking for some high end palette I can't even remember, and it had some green and/or purple shades in it. Not sure why I wanted another palette with purple because clearly I wasn't using any of those shades. I still picked up the BE Amazing Eyeshadow palette which had some gorgeous green shades in it. I haven't been using it a lot because the quality is not up to my standards, but recently I decided to give it another go. The green shade and the coppery shade in the middle are super pretty so I have not idea why I just stopped using it al together.

On the left we have the e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Palette in California. I got to choose this one out for a collaboration with e.l.f. cosmetics on my blog. I really think this one is pretty, but it lacks pigmentation. It works well on top of other shadows, to give it a pop of glitter/shimmer, but the palette lacks matte shades in my opinion. It's gorgeous, but I just don't use it. I will give it away to a friend, probably.

The last one in the picture is the H&M Nude Eyes palette. I bought this one so I could do the €20 make up challenge back when I started my blog. If you apply it with your fingers, it works well, but it lacks so much pigmentation to be able to apply it with a brush. Again, I will give this one away because it's still quite okay. You actually get 6 shades if you count the brow-shadows.

Swatches: left H&M Nude Eyes / middle BE Amazing Eyeshadow palette / right e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Palette

This one is still not finished, but that doesn't make it less exciting for me. My Mac Pro palette is my pridest possession. The first row contains warm, rosy shades and the second ones are all green/khaki. I want to add a third row of warm earth-tones on the bottom and maybe add a highlight shade at the end of the green one.

Swatches: Expensive Pink / Coral / Rule / Humid / Sumptuous Olive / Woodwinked

These little travel-friendly palettes are my life! I take them with me whenever I can. The Balm's Autobalm California Driver License palette contains everything you need for half your face. It's packaging is so lightweight so it's perfect to pop in your handbag or to travel light.

Who doesn't know about the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes by now? These contain all matte shades and one highlight shade and are perfect for an easy neutral eye look. Everyone needs a few good matte eyeshadows in their collection, I reckon if you own these two, you will never need to buy another matte shade again.

Swatches: left The Balm Autobalm / middle Urban Decay Naked Basics / right Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics

Okay, last three! These are my most recent purchases.
I was so excited to finally swatch the Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette in store! It felt sooo creamy and the shades are just gorgeous. The warm earth tones are right up my alley, and can we all take a moment for that golden shade?

When I was in Barcelona, I found another Sephora. God, do they lure you in with all their gorgeous products! I couldn't leave without picking up the Marc Jacobs The Dreamer palette. It's very neutral but can be worn with so much glam, still it's so sophisticated and pretty. It's everything I ever wanted, and the quality of these is sooo amazing!

The Revlon CustomEyes palette in Beach Beauty is a great everyday palette with some beautiful neutral shades and just that pop of light blue in there. or so I thought. It looks great in the pan, but I really don't love it in terms of pigmentation. The black is very chalky and hardly any product comes off, the grey is quite okay, the highlight shade in the middle is way too big in my opinion, the blue is just too light for me and the chocolate brown at the end, believe it or not, is just way to dark for all the other shades in the palette. It would work great with other shades, but not with the ones in this palette. Such a shame because it has so much potential and could be so much better than it is now! I'm going to pass this last one onto my friends as well!

Swatches: Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita / Marc Jacobs The Dreamer / Revlon CustomEyes Beach Beauty

Phew! I bet it took you about 20 minutes to read this post! I know it took me an awful lot of time to write it for you. If you made it to this point: congratulations and thank you for reading!

What is your favourite palette in my collection and why? Which one is your favourite one you own? I'd love to hear all about eyeshadow palettes today.

Lots of love,


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