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Hey everyone!

If you are some of the people that read my blog everyday - thank you, if that's you! - you will know I've created a slight obsession with bronzers for the last 6 months. That's why I thought is was time I'd show you my collection!

If you missed any of the previous make up episodes, you can catch those here:

I was never really into bronzers all that much when I started wearing make up. The first one I ever bought was probably the Bourjois Délice De Soleil in 12 fair/medium. I bought this when I was already watching a lot of YouTube and I saw everyone use the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer, then realised they don't sell it in Belgium so I picked up this one instead, thinking it must have been almost the same. I never used it all that much, it's quite orange in tone and doesn't really suit my skin. I'm only keeping it, just in case I'll ever need it for some reason.

The one next to that is the Estée Lauder Brilliant Shimmer in 03 Coral Sand, an old shimmery bronzer I grabbed out of my mom's make up collection. She wasn't using it anymore, so now it's laying in my drawers. I never use it either, but just like the Bourjois one, I'm keeping it just in case. Originally I thought the separate colours would make for great eyeshadow shades so maybe I should give that a go.

A blush I've been using so much is the Cargo Beach Blush in 03 Miami Beach. Okay, I used to use it as a bronzey blush in the "old" days (probably a good few years back), then it fell and broke into a million pieces so I threw it away. I bought a new one at the beginning of this year and I've fallen back in love with it, but now I tend to wear it more as a bronzer and not as much as a blush. It's somewhere in the middle, really. No matter how you wear it, it's a gorgeous shimmery bronzey shade that I think would work on a lot of skin tones.

The first contouring I ever attempted was with Benefit Hoola. This one is just amazing. It warms up the complexion, but is also great for contouring. For a good half year, I wouldn't use anything but this on the cheeks. I do think it suits me better during Winter, because it's not so much a warm bronzer, rather an ashier toned contour shade that's just warm enough to be able to put all over for a bit of warming up.

The real obsession probably started when the new Honey Bronze range from The Body Shop came out right before Summer. The Face Gel really intrigued me, but it also dawned on me I had never actually checked out the original powder Honey Bronzer, which I ended up buying in the shade 03 Medium Matte. Both are really great all over bronzers; the face gel is probably more suited for summertime, but I'll definitely be using the Honey Bronzer a lot in Autumn and Winter as well! The shade just really suits my skin tone.

My absolute favourite investment has been the Limited Edition Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour in Marinière No.02 which you're probably bored of by now. I've been raving about it non-stop on my blog. I am so obsessed with it I've bought a back-up, because we all know how we feel about limited edition products; we can't use them up because they would be gone forever, so we just stop using them. Since I have a back-up laying around, I will make sure I use the hell out of this one. It doesn't look like a bronzer on my skin all that much, especially when I put it all over. It just gives me a bit of a tan, a "healthy glow", if you will.

The cult classic that has been most raved about in the whole world wide web is probably the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow. The contour shade in this palette is just a tad lighter than the Benefit Hoola one, but it's mostly the consistency that does it for me. It's hard to go overboard with it, because it's so finely milled and applies so beautifully, blends amazingly and is just the perfect shade for a subtle contoured look. I've not been contouring a lot lately, just because I find bronzing up my skin works just as well for me and I don't need to contour all the time. I have found my love for contouring again with this lovely palette.

A product that people claimed to be a drugstore dupe for this one, is the Maybelline Master Sculpt which I picked up in the shade 01 Light/Medium. This one is NOT, I repeat NOT a dupe at all. Okay, it's supposed to serve the same purpose, but the quality is nothing compared to Charlotte Tilbury. The contour colour actually is way more orange looking on the skin than it does in the pan. I didn't feature this contour kit in my Highlighter post because it's not even worth mentioning. It's powdery, chalky even, with chunks of glitter in it. And I don't know how you're supposed to not pick up any bronzer when the highlighter is pressed against it. Definite no-go for me. Maybe I just picked up the wrong shade, but since I'm already quite pale, I figured light/medium would be better than medium/dark. This one might work on a paler complexion maybe, so by the time you read this I've already given this one away to a fellow blogging friend! I hope she gets on with it better than I do.

A very new concept for me is cream bronzers. I haven't really tried them, as I'm too scared to. I've heard good stuff about them though so maybe I should try to find one. Something in between is the Bourjois Sun Illusion (or Bronzing Primer, if you will) in the shade 71 fair.  It has a mousse consistency, which is very odd at first but it blends in so well! This is a great one for warming up my complexion a bit, without going overboard. I think for summer it might work better if I'd gone one shade darker, but maybe I will pick that up in the future ;-) I love this product, mainly because of the lovely smell it gives!

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light is one I had been lusting after ever since it released. I meant to pick up the Luminous Bronze Light shade, because that one's for paler complexions, whereas the Radiant Bronze Light is for deeper skin tones. However, I totally forgot which one it was when I was in store, because the names are so similar, and I didn't even think about asking the lady in SpaceNK, so I decided to swatch them and see which one was the lightest. I have no idea how I picked up the darker one but hey, I don't mind. I just can't wear it everyday, that's all. It's darker, so it's great for an evening look, but it's just too in your face for daytime wear. Other than the shade, it's a lovely product, great consistency, just the right amount of shimmer in it and it applies beautifully with a fluffy blush brush.

Then we have the little sample-sized Too Faced Chocolate Soleil bronzer. This came in a set of four mini-bestsellers that was a total bargain at Sephora. It's great for testing out. Let me just say how amazing the smell is on this one. Yes, it smells like you're smearing a ton of chocolate on your face, but isn't that just great??? Applying this and smelling chocolaty goodness just makes me so happy. Again, this one is quite dark so it works for me in Summer, when I have a bit of a tan, but would be too dark in Autumn/Winter. I think if I ever decide to get the full size, I would go for the Milk Chocolate Soleil, which is for paler skin tones.

The last two purchases were quite recent. I can finally say I own all three Manizer Sisters after purchasing the The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer. This bronzer is, again, quite out there for my skin tone and actually looks quite similar to the Hourglass one, only maybe a tad lighter. It's shimmery, but nothing too much. This one however I think is more suitable for everyday wear if I use a light hand when applying it. The Balm never lets me down.

The last one was a gift from the heavens. One of my friends went to England, asked what she really needed to purchase while she was there because, well, apparently everyone thinks I'm the one for that (all my friends come to me with make up questions recently, it's actually quite funny) and I kindly asked her if she could bring me the Soap&Glory Solar Powder. On the picture, I hadn't even used it, but I've been testing it out for the past month and it's such a good'un! I'm so glad I finally own this one - and it's actually in decent packaging too! Now I understand why everyone spoke so highly about it, it's just a great everyday bronzer that looks very natural, especially for Winter time, as this one is a lot paler than my Chanel one.

And on that note, I think my bronzer collection is almost complete (you can never have enough, though...)

Any of you have some recommendations for me on what bronzer to try next? Please do let me know in the comments, the obsession is real!

Lots of love,


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