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Hey everyone!

I've been doing my eyebrows with the same products for a very long time. Recently I've added a new product to the equation so I wanted to tell you all about that!

Ever since I heard Tanya Burr raving about Mac Charcoal Brown I couldn't resist to try it myself. This is the perfect colour match for my eyebrows. It's dark but not unnatural and it's so easy to apply on sparse areas with an angled eyeshadow brush.

 I made this little eyeshadow duo so it would be easy to carry around in a make up bag and I always had a brow shade and a highlight shade with me. I put Mac Brûlé next to Charcoal Brown, because it's just a tad lighter than my skintone, which makes it a very natural browbone highlighter, and it's a matte finish so it's perfect for everyday. 

I used to set it with a clear brow gel, but I ran out of mine a while back and didn't get round to repurchasing it. What I did pick up is the Anastasia Brow Wiz in the shade Taupe. It's a bit lighter than Charcoal Brown, which means it's even more natural looking. If I don't feel like doing a strong brow, I'll only use this one, but usually I'll go over it with Charcoal Brown anyways. The reason I've not been using a brow gel is because the Brow Wiz is quite waxy in formula so my brows stay in place after using that one already. I don't feel the need to set them even more. Maybe I do if I try it, but I haven't yet and I'm getting along with the combination just fine!

Using a brow pencil is kind of new to me. I always found the eyeshadow method very convenient and quick. It takes a bit longer to fill in my brows with the pencil, but I think it's well worth it.

What products and tools do you use for filling in and/or shaping your brows? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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