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Hey gorgeous! How are you today?

Our very own Italian blogger Caterina Apponi from thecovetbeauty.com is taking over today. I have been reading her blog for a good few months now, I think, and I love her content so much. I'm glad I can welcome her onto my blog. Here's what she wrote for you today.

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#NoteToSelf: Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

When Charline asked me to guest post on her blog I was pretty nervous! A lot of quotes came to my mind, but it was so hard to describe them without having to explain half of my life, until this simple sentence appeared in front of me, or better, in my iPhone, as I have it as my wallpaper!

“TAKE TIME TO DO WHAT MAKES YOUR SOUL HAPPY,” I think it’s such a simple but brilliant quote that has a huge meaning in my life. I passed a lot of years doing what people and family want me to do without being completely happy and satisfied with my life. It was like I continuously run in search of their approval, while the years passed without realizing I've missed a lot of experiences! That left me unhappy with who I was and where I was at that point of my life. This was my story until two years ago until I decided to do what made me really happy and proud of myself! That's why 4 months ago I decided to create my blog. It was something I was dreaming of from literally ages! My own place where I could talk about what I love the most.

So back to the quote! I think that this can be applied to a lot of situations and stories, it's one of those things that literally EVERYONE has to keep in mind and think at least once a day!Take time to do what makes your happy, from reading a book to writing a post, do some shopping, cook a recipe, hang out with a friend. Do something that can change positively that day! You don't necessarily have to have a whole day to reach this goal (although it would be amazing!), but having 5 minutes of "me time" can make such a huge difference in a day! Don't let negative things interfere with your soul, your happiness or who you are. Remember that you only have one life, and you have to life it fully!

I think that positivity calls positivity back, like a virtuous circle: do something you're happy with and over time you'll see that everything will fall into place!




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