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Hey everyone!

Today I want to highlight some perfumes I have been using for the last year or so. I switch them up every day, depending on my mood, the weather, the occasion or whatever I feel like wearing. I'm going to try but describing scents is not my forte, however I really wanted to talk about them and hopefully you can give them a sniff someday!

The first one I've got is the l'Occitane Green Tea with Jasmin Eau De Toilette. This one smells very fresh and floral with a hint of spiciness to it. I mainly use it for daytime wear and especially during the warmer months. I've started to use it less these days and transition to more Autumnal scents. This one was limited edition, unfortunately. I really wish we had smellivision so you could smell it, it's a beautiful one!

Since I've discovered Jo Malone a few years back, the Blue Agava & Cacao Cologne was on top of my wish list. Last year I made the splurge and picked it up. For me it's already quite a heavy scent and I'm normally not about that at all. Somehow this scent really attracted me and I think it's the cacao-factor in it. This one is probably the hardest to describe of all four I'm showing you: it's kind of sweet and chocolaty but also smells floral - but not the typical floral. I suggest you go to a Jo Malone store right away and sniff it. It's such a unique scent.

I recently picked up the Jo Malone Tudor Rose & Amber Cologne which released a lot later in Belgium than it did in the UK. I was dying to get a hold of the limited edition Rock Of Ages collection but I couldn't order them online and I didn't have a Jo Malone store nearby. I picked up this one at the airport and luckily they still had them in stock! This one is very floral but also quite strong. It really does remind me of an "old" scent, but I think it smells very sexy at the same time.

Last but certainly not least is the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum. This one literally lasts all day! I got this one as a gift from my mom when I got my Bachelor's diploma. The moment I smelled this one somewhere, I fell in love with it. It's just one of those signature scents that either is really something for you or it really isn't. For starters the bottle is just so classy and chique, but the smell is just amazing. It's has quite the power, but it's great for all occasions. It's very floral - which is something I love, apparently - and super feminin and romantic. It's one I'll definitely repurchase if I run out of it.

Which are your signature perfumes? Let me know down below if you have any recommendations!

Lots of love,


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