Project Pan That Product: update #1


Hey everyone!

It's been a whole month since I re-started Project: Pan That Product and I wanted to give you an update on how I'm doing so far.

This is how the product looked like at the startBenefit's Dandelion Blush already had a dent in it, the Maybelline Fit Me concealers were already well used, Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Pink Gold was not getting enough love so it only had a little dent in it, my Rimmel Stay Matte powder was being used a lot already, I just de-potted my Clinique Even Better foundation and the little pot was filled to the brim, and lastly my Maybelline LashSensational mascara was shoved to the back after using it a whole lot since I picked up a few new mascaras this summer. Let's see where everything is at this point.

Benefit Dandelion Blush

As you can see the dent grew a little bigger. I've been using this one a whole lot since I started this project. I always thought it was very pretty and the only problem was it not being in plain sight so I always forgot to use it. It is now laying on top of my Muji drawers so I use it almost every day!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold

I've told you many times already how I've never been into the whole pink-toned eye looks. I love a good bronze and even red tones, but pinks and purples have never been my thing. I really forced myself to use this one and I've been combining it with a lot of different eyeshadow shades. I even went with beige and bronze shades from my Naked palette on top of it, so the look would not be all pink but rather have a slight rosy undertone to it. I've been getting into the rosy shades a lot more since! It even inspired me to do a rose gold look on my blog a while back.

Rimmel Stay Matte powder

You probably can't tell on the picture but believe me when I say a massive dent has been made in this one. I'm sure if I keep using it as much as I'm doing recently, I will hit pan on it in less than 2 months. It does last me ages, this one, so I'm very curious if that goal will be made.

Maybelline Fit Me! concealers

I have been using these a lot, but recently I've started to notice my skin is looking very greasy after a few hours. I think it's a combination of the change in weather and using these concealers, as they are quite creamy. Because I have a lot of acne and scarring, I need to use a lot of concealer, which basically means my whole chin is covered in the stuff. I think the shade 15 is ready to throw away, and the shade 10 is getting slightly too dark for me and I don't think I can keep it until I'm getting a bit more tan again - surely the stuff will go bad in the meantime. They were great and lasted me quite some time, bye bye Fit Me concealers!

Clinique Even Better foundation

As you probably can tell this little pot has gotten some use since last time. I have been using it in the first week of the project, but somehow the colour has become way too dark for me. I'm not sure I'm paler than last Autumn and Winter, because I used to use it all the time, now suddenly it looks way too dark on me. I have no idea how that could happen, but I'm trying to mix it in with a lighter foundation recently (which is frankly really hard to find here in Belgium!). It's not the same foundation, but it's similar in formula so I can blend it in together and still use up the Clinique one. For some reason the lid on the pot has started to crack (I think I tried to close it a little bit too hard and it just had too much pressure on it) and I'm not sure if I can still keep this one for that long. I'll try to use it a few more times in the next few months but I'm sure I'll have to throw it away before I can finish it.

Maybelline LashSensational mascara

I have been using this one on and off and I can still use it perfectly - I don't think it has dried up all that much so it's great how much use I can still get out of this. It is looking particularly gross I must say, so I'm not too keen on using it all that much anymore. I think, just like the concealers I'll keep it for another month until it goes into the bin.

By the next update I will add some other products to the mix so I can keep this project running.

Have you been trying to use up any products in your make up collection? If so, how is that going for you? Would you consider doing something similar? Let's talk in the comments!

Lots of love,


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