The Berry Lip with Mac Sin


Hey everyone!

I finally did it. I went out and splurged on a Mac lipstick. It's the first one of the brand I ever tried and immediately went for a bold one. With Autumn coming up I really wanted to try to get into the dark berry lipsticks and what better way to choose out a lip colour than to go to a Mac store and swatch all the testers?

I know today is going to be a short post, but I just wanted to show you my new purchase and I'm not good at describing or reviewing lipsticks anyways. Hope you're okay with that. Now onto the post!

As I was swatching the berry lipsticks at Mac, I figured I would pull of a colder shade better because my teeth are quite yellow. I love the way a warm lipstick shade looks but at the moment I just can't wear it. Depending on the light and how heavy you pile this one on, it can can look like a deep wine red or a very dark purple. Because it has that little hint of red in it, it will never look like a black lipstick, which some very dark gothic purples can, sometimes. I wanted a little bit of both!

This is a very bold choice for me and I never thought I would ever wear a lipstick like this, but here I am!

What do you think of this colour? Do you own anything like this? What Mac lipstick should I definitely be checking out next?

Lots of love,


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12 reacties

  1. I think they are quite similar, right? I reckon I swatched that one while choosing out the perfect berry shade, in the end I ended up picking the Sin one ;)

  2. I wouldn't say it's red toned but it is quite warm. Nars Damned might be a better option! xx

  3. thanks! Yeah I've heard about both of them. I think Rebel might be a little too red-toned for me, I think that one is warmer in tone, if I'm correct?

  4. This is a gorgeous lipstick :) I already have Diva but I really want that too! x

  5. yeah me neither, it's the first bold one I've ever worn!

  6. This is beautiful on you! I would also suggest Mehr & Rebel xx


  7. This is such a beautiful color! I don't usually wear a bold lip but I really want to try a color like this for the fall:)

  8. oooh will have to go swatch that one! thanks for the tip! x

  9. yeah I love that you can play around with the coverage, it can get a completely different shade if you just stain the lips than if you apply it very thick!