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Hey peeps!

So today is a bit of a rambly post. I just want to sit down today and talk about make up. Not in the way that I usually do, with a haul, a review or a favourites post. I want to talk about why I started wearing make up and how I got the the point where I am today.

My mom has always had a thing for high end make up. She doesn't wear a lot all the time, but always does her eyes. When I was little, I remember being next to her and looking at all the make up in the store while she was looking around and buying it. I loved touching the samples and staring at all the pretty colours. Sometimes she would let me try some of her stuff, but I never wore it a lot. I think I started doing my eyes once in a while when I was about 13 or 14. I loved using eyeshadows, and don't even remember if I put on mascara if I did. I must have looked crazy, but I felt so great.

When I started having breakouts in my teens, I felt the need to cover them up. I hated walking around with red spots on my face, it made me feel so ugly and my confidence was below zero. I started using the Mac Select Cover Up concealer when I was around 15 or so, and I would put on a Mac Studio Fix powder, which has a bit of coverage as well. That's basically all I did for a good few years, with the occasional blush, eyeshadow or mascara here and there.

Mascara became a daily staple for me when I left for University. I thought it just made me look a bit more grown up, awake and just made my eyes prettier. Especially when I started having enormous dar circles under my eyes because of tiredness - something that kicked in at Uni - and I had to cover them up with a concealer as well. It would totally wash out my eyes, which made mascara an absolute must.

Since a few years now, I put on foundation, concealer, powder, blush, some eyeshadow and mascara everyday. I've never been into doing my brows all that much and lipsticks just weren't for me until very recently. When big brows became a thing, I was so thankful for never plucking them. I started watching some tutorials and learned how to fill them in and keep them looking pretty. I tried to shape them with my tweezers, I was just a little bit too enthusiastic about it, which made me pluck away a lot of the inner part. If I look back at my pictures, it looks as if my brows are falling off my face. This wasn't even too long ago actually, I'm speaking 2015 here! Luckily I was at home a lot last school year, so I could start gradually growing them back when I realised they just looked very silly. I think I'm finally happy with how they look (more or less) and I only fill in some sparse areas and sometimes will set it with a clear brow gel. I'm not for the whole shaping and strong arches in my brows, I like how they look naturally.

Contouring is another thing I only picked up last year when I finally bought Benefit Hoola bronzer. It's the perfect shade for contouring on my skin tone and although I haven't been using it all that much over summer (because I was all about the bronzers) I do like using it in winter, to enhance my features a little bit. Again, I'm not for that strong contoured look, but sometimes I think it just looks nice. Recently I just like bronzing up my entire face instead of contouring with it. Highlighting my cheekbones is something that probably started with the Mary-Lou Manizer from The Balm. I never owned a highlighter before that, but it started everything! I don't use it everyday, but I love it for going out.

Lipstick is something that came last and only recently I've been trying to get into them. I only used lipbalm before, and sometimes I'd use a lipgloss, but nothing too fancy. I hate the feeling of lipstick on my lips and I'm always too conscious about having it on my teeth or if it faded away or did it smudge somewhere? Argh, well I'm finally coming to terms with it. Again, I don't wear it everyday, sometimes I feel like completing my look with it and sometimes I don't.

Blogging definitely made me obsess about make up more than I could've ever expected. I never thought I would have multiple foundations at the same time, same goes for concealers, and I certainly did not expect to ever buy so many eyeshadows. I remember picking up the Urban Decay Naked palette last summer, and even though I already owned a couple of eyeshadow palettes before that, I think that one actually started my whole obsession with eyeshadows.

So, I guess the point of this post is that: for me, make up started as something to hide my spots and boost my confidence. Now it's grown to be something that boosts my confidence because I actually feel pretty when I did my eyes properly and people give me compliments on it. That's just so amazing!

What is your story? How and why did you get into make up? Let me know, I'd love to read about it!

Lots of love,


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