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Hey folks!

Last week I shared my favourite studded earrings with you. I love wearing them, but I've been enjoying wearing some ear cuffs too, recently. They are definitely not for everyday, but I like wearing them for going out, for example. Here are my favourites!

I was always kind of jealous of people who had their ear pierced in this place, but I never considered doing it myself - painful, hello? - I was so glad to find this little cuff at Six so of course I had to pick it up! It's one that bends really easily so you can clamp it by pressing the two ends together so it doesn't fall off your ear. I love how it looks, as if you're wearing four earrings at once!

This one is also from Six, but I haven't been wearing all that much to be honest. I've not found the right opportunity for it, but I love it nevertheless. It has little gold-coloured gems in it and it follows the shape of my ear perfectly. This one I can put on with the stud through my ear, then put the clasp around my ear and push it together so it stays put.

The last pair I picked up because of Fleur DeForce, she mentioned it in one of her videos and I ran straight out to the nearest Zara to pick it up too. On one side there's a cuff that I can put on like a normal earring as well, then I attach the other side with a clasp that has pressure on, so it really sticks to the ear. I can't wear it for very long though because it will start to hurt after a good few hours. You know those earrings where you don't need to have your ears pierced to wear them? That's what I'm talking about. I do however really love the very chique and feminin look of these earrings. I love that the other earring is like a front-back earring where you put the stud in and attach the bit underneath the ear at the back of your ear. They do match in the design, but are completely different in shape. Loving them a lot!

Have you been wearing a lot of ear cuffs? Which ones have you spotted recently?

Lots of love,


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