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Hey everyone!

So I remember me sharing my favourite studded earrings for summer a while back. I still have short hair so I've still been wearing a lot of studs lately. They just go the easiest with everything I wear and are the most convenient with shorter hair.

The following pairs are very minimalistic, which is what I've been wearing the most.

I picked up this first pair very recently. When I saw them, I couldn't leave without them. Look how cute they are! The little circles are just that little different from other studs but are still very simple. They are from the brand Orelia, which they sell at Topshop, if you want to check them out.

This pair of silver bars was part of a set from H&M. It included a pair of bronze small chubby bars and golden ones that are a lot longer than these ones as well. The middle size is the reason I bought the set, since I already had gold and rose gold bar-shaped earrings. I felt like I needed silver ones, and here they finally are! I've been wearing them a lot.

These ones were also in the previous post, but I just can't help loving them so much! They are golden button-shaped earrings from &Other Stories. They are so classy I think. I love that they stick out a little bit, not sure how to describe that but you know what I mean. I just love them a lot.

Lastly I picked up another set from Six. These are little black ball-shaped earrings, but the reason I really wanted to buy them is because they have a matte finish. I think that's so different, yet very simple and classic because they are plain black. I've not been wearing a lot of earrings like this pair but I used to wear this kind of shape all the time in the past; it really reminds me of my younger days when it was all about those plastic pearl earrings!

What do you think? Do you like wearing studded earrings as much as I do? Let me know in the comments of you have a favourite pair ;)

Lots of love,


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