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Hey peeps!

So this is a bit of a different one today. I see a lot of people over on the twitter chats talking about keeping up with a blog schedule, lacking time or ideas, being on a tight schedule stressing them out... I always like to share how I plan out everthing - trust me, I was always the worst planner when it comes to school stuff but with this blogging thing I really got the hang of it. I need this to keep my head in peace. It would explode if I had to write a blog post the night before it goes live. I usually write a post a week before (or more) before it goes live on my blog.

My blog schedule is very much offline. Everything is written on paper so I can depend on it whenever I'm at home. Keep reading to have a little insight on how I manage to blog daily.

First of all: I needed some good stationery and of course everything is from Paperchase. I have one notebook where I write down schedule in a list, another for writing down ideas and then there's a desk planner so I have an overview which post goes live on which day of the week. Yes, I have two schedules but they work differently. I really need two versions just to check back and see if I didn't make any mistakes.

The first thing I do is writing down ideas. I do this in bulk, whenever I have time I sit down, scroll down through bloglovin' or twitter, look back at my old posts, take my phone and see if I've noted some ideas in there, etc. I collect all the ideas in the gold triangle notebook. This is a page from over the summer, do you recognise some of the posts that went up around that time?

I'll start writing down every post that includes different products, so I know that whenever I have time for taking photos, I can just take this little book and see which products should be photographed together. I don't have loads of time to take photos so I like writing down the ideas beforehand. I would hate myself if I had some time to take photos and I still had to think about what I was going to put into the frame. It helps me keep my sanity a bit more. If the photo's are taken, I put a little check sign next to the list, so I know that one is already done.

I don't write down reviews and such. I just know it concerns one product and I'll just write it whenever I'm scheduling it on blogger. I'm not one for writing out my whole text in advance. That one I like to keep spontane and in the moment so it doesn't look TOO rehearsed and thought through.

I then like to pin a date to the posts I've prepared and ideas I've written down. If there is a certain post that has to go up on a certain day (e.g. a Lazy Sunday make up routine, or the #NoteToSelf posts on Wednesday etc.) I'll fill it in in my desk planner first. If not, I'll usually just write it down on the next free day in my other notebook. (ooh, little sneak peeks for next week! I know my handwriting is bad people.)

If the post is written, photo's are taken and I put them into the post, I will put another little check sign next to the date with the blog post title. If the whole page is scheduled and ready, I'll put a check sign on the bottom of the page so I know I don't have to look at that one again and I can just keep my focus on the next ones. It's nice to know a whole chunk of the blog is ready to go up. On the desk planner I put a circle around the date when a post is finished.

It can get a little messy on Blogger sometimes. If most of a month is written down and scheduled, I'll schedule empty posts that aren't written yet in there as well. Sometimes I still need to take pictures e.g. so I'll just have it scheduled and ready, I just need to fill in the contents. Or I'll already have written the text but still have to take some pics. Well, then I write down the title but put in front of the title "NOG AFMAKEN" - which means TO BE FINISHED in Dutch -, so I can clearly see which ones are finished and which ones aren't.

That's it, really. It seems like such a chore, but with everything else going on in my life, I need a little scheduling for my blog just to be able to keep up with the daily schedule.

I hope you learnt something from this and I'd love to know how you plan and schedule posts for your blog!

Lots of love,


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