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Hey everyone!

Recently I've been making some room in my make up collection. I thought it was about time to get rid of some stuff I wasn't using anymore. I think it's hard at first but if you're really getting into it, you'll start realising how much you aren't actually using anymore.

If you really want to have a clear out but don't know where to begin, here are some tips to help you get started!

First off if you're a beauty blogger, make sure what make up you still want to use in blog posts and which products can disappear forever. I decided to start a make up series before throwing anything out. It's a nice way to feature the products one last time before getting rid of them, but doing the post and getting it over with is a good reason to finally throw them out. I did a massive eyeshadow palette post so I could finally get rid of some.

Start by determining what you want to keep. If it's a concealer, powder or foundation that is never being used because it was the wrong colour match from day one: don't keep it. If it's another product like eyeshadows etc. that you don't use because the colours don't suit you or you just never ever wear them: don't keep it. If it's old and looking gross, don't keep it. If it's a well loved product that's almost used up: put it on the top of your drawers/storage/... so you remember to use it and soon it will be all used up and ready to throw away. If you have a lot of the same colours, decide which ones are the best, which ones are the most used and try to keep only a few of them. Especially with bright coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks that you're only holding onto for "a special occasion": you really only need ONE very bright eyeshadow palette or ONE very sparkly pigment, even only ONE dark berry lip, ONE bright red that suits you best and ONE neon pink. Trust me.

If you have decided which ones you would like to keep and which ones can go out the door, it's time to determine what will happen with them. If the product is expired, you should probably throw it away. If the product is still very okay, you might want to give it to friend. Make sure you only do this with products like eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers etc. Passing on mascaras can be quite unhygienic so if you have used it quite a lot, don't do this! I think if you only used it once or twice it couldn't do a lot of harm. Foundations and concealers are quite difficult to pass on, too. 9/10 chance it won't match the skin tone of your friends and 5/10 it's probably already expired anyways. Just throw those in the bin, okay?

A last great thing to do to clear out your make up stash is: start to use up stuff! I've been doing a Project: Pan That Product recently and in the past I already had a little spending ban. If there are just some products that are nearly finished but you stopped using for some reason, maybe it's a good thing to dig them up for a while and start using the last bits in there so you can make room for other things in your drawer. Making sure you don't buy too many new make up products helps with that (I don't do well on that part...)

So far I've gotten rid of old eyeshadow palettes by throwing the expired and filthy ones away and giving some others to friends, I threw some single eyeshadows, eye pencils and eyeshadow sticks away that were really old and gross, I binned a few mascaras that were all dried up or weren't ever being used and some concealers and foundations that I had laying around for such a long time but weren't the right colour match or finish for me were also thrown away. I love only having what I can still use and what I still love!

I hope you've found some inspiration to have a little clear out in your make up collection. It's a weight lifted off your shoulders, I promise.

Lots of love,


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