Kiehl's Midnight Recovery: review


Hey everyone!

Recently I've been struggling to find the right combination for my skin care routine. I have some dry patches because it's winter time, but I also have a lot of acne, still, and my T-zone gets really oily overnight and during the day.

I'm currently using the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye and I'd love to let you know how I get on with it.

I've been using the concentrate for a whole while now so I think I can give you a solid opinion on it. I was very scared to use it because I have such oily areas on my face and it's basically a face oil. However, I have noticed a lot of difference in my skin. It doesn't make my acne magically disappear, but it certainly helps my skin to look more awake and hydrated, healthier and more even-looking. In the morning my skin looks very greasy anyways, so I always take a clean paper towel to blot away the oils a little before I apply my day moisturizer. I don't think this face oil makes me look particularly more oily so I kept using it.

The lady in the shop told me to put it on over my night cream, but I find it quite hard to apply this way. You will only need a few drops, and if you try to spread it over your fingers like you would a cream, you lose a lot of the product in the proces. I find it easier to just mix in with my night cream. That way it will distribute on the face evenly and none of the product will get lost.

The way you dose this product is by using the little pipet. I think it's so very handy to use!

I recently started using the eye cream as well, because I was loving the face product so much. It has the same ingredients, it only comes out in a cream-formula, but you can feel the oils in it when you're applying it. You only need a little bit of this product to cover two under-eyes. I feel like it hydrates the area so well, but I haven't really seen a difference in how I look yet. I don't really seem to look more awake, or less wrinkly or something. I just think the area is more moisturized with this one, which was the number one goal I was going for.

Do I think it's worth the money? For the concentrate, I'd definitely say yes! For the eye cream, not so much. I will keep you updated if some day I will start to see a noticeable difference.

Have you ever tried one of these products? How did you get on with them? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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