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Hey everyone!

So recently I've indulged in a couple of Bourjois base products. I had heard great things about them and thought it was only fair if I gave them a chance myself.

I have been wearing full coverage bases for a year or two now, just because I feel like I need them to be able to go out of the house without being ashamed of my acne (scarring). For summer, however, I was looking for a more lightweight base with still alright coverage so I could let my skin breath a bit. I decided to get the 123 Perfect CC Cream everyone was talking about at the moment. I picked up the shade Ivory because I was still quite pale at the moment. At the end of summer it might have been a bit too pale but I always corrected that with bronzer so it was fine. I love this base for the summer months and I have been using it a few months, non stop. I love the smell, it's super hydrating, doesn't cake, has great medium coverage still and stays put very well during the day.

The Healthy Mix foundation is one with some more coverage - but still not full coverage, although it's buildable. I picked it up in the shade Light Vanilla, which is quite similar to the shade of the CC cream I've got. It's a very dewy foundation - which most of the times is not great for my combination-oily skin, but on good skin days I get away with it. The colour match is quite good on me so I'm very happy with that one. The smell, again, is great!

I was a tad disappointed with the Air Mat foundation though. For me personally, it doesn't apply very well and emphasizes dry patches and little hairs. I think they tried to make it way too matte. The shade selection available in Belgium also sucks; I picked it up in the lightest shade available which is Vanilla. I'm sure a lighter shade exists somewhere. It's way too dark and yellow for my pale skin. Such a shame because I really can't wear it a lot. Maybe I'll dig this one up again next summer.

Swatches: 123 Perfect CC Cream - Ivory, Healthy Mix Foundation - Light Vanilla, Air Mat - Vanilla 

I have tried two different setting powders from Bourjois. The Healthy Balance unifying powder in the shade Vanilla is the first one I tried. I love the consistency of this one, it's finely milled and not cakey at all, it's great for under eye setting in particular I find. It's also super compact and really easy to take with you in your purse.

The Java Rice brightening powder it not for your whole face - although I think people used to do that in the old days. The packaging and even the smell is inspired by those old beauty powders, which I love, but I only use it under my eyes to set my concealer. It has tiny little glitter specks in there so i wouldn't recommend putting it all over your face, but the consistency is just adorable. I love that it's a loose powder as well. I couldn't recommend this one more.

Have you tried any base products from Bourjois? Which ones do you love and which ones do you hate? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,


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