Make Up Series: #8 Single Eyeshadows


Hey everyone!

Some of you may know I have this obsession with eyeshadows. They are my favourite part of make up in general. I already showed you my palettes collection, but I wanted to go through my single eyeshadows as well. I don't have an awful lot of them because I love eyeshadow palettes better anyways, but sometimes you just come across a very unique shade and you can't resist buying it. Well, that's what happened with 90% of them.

These are all the single powder eyeshadows and pigments; the cream shadow pots and sticks will be in the next episode!

If you missed any of the previous make up episodes, you can catch those here:

l'Oréal Color Riche l'Ombre Pure

I mainly picked them up on recommendation of Amelia Liana, she used to love the golden one back in the day. These are gel infused and are supposed to feel buttery and go on smooth. Some of these are more buttery than others, I feel like the structured ones are bit less of that, but they are still very pigmented. I have them in the shade 601 Soleil Levant (Cameleon range), 307 Argentic (Smoky range) and 502 Quartz Fumé (Lumière range).

Swatches: Soleil Levant, Argentic, Quartz Fumé

I have been discovering some of the Kiko eyeshadows lately - as you can see I only have two - but they don't disappoint. I really want to check out more of them soon. The first one is the Water Eyeshadow in 200 Champagne, which is a beautiful metallic shade. The round one is of their Infinity collection in the shade 210 Satin Brick, which as the name suggests is a gorgeous brick red-brown shade, perfect for warm toned eyeshadow looks. This one is almost completely matte, it just has a hint of a satin finish to it. The last one is one from Catrice and it's the Liquid Metal Eyeshadow in 020 Gold 'n Roses. When I swatched this at the drugstore I was immediately sold! If you're into glittery metallic shades, Catrice is one brand to check out!

Swatches: Champagne, Satin Brick, Gold 'n Roses

These two I picked up solely for the purpose of creating one certain look I saw on YouTube that I wanted to recreate, or use for the blog. I would never ever wear these ones more than 10 times in my life, probably, they are super bright and fun to experiment with, but aren't for everyday wear, I'd say. The blue one is a Matte Eyeshadow from MUA in the shade Midnight. I couldn't swatch this one in the store so I thought it would be a deeper warmer kind of blue (the way it looks in the tin, really). Unfortunately when swatched it's kind of chalky, which makes it lighter in colour anyways, but it also turns out to be quite green toned. It wasn't what I hoped for in the end, but I'm keeping it anyways for if I ever need a crazy blue colour for some reason. The yellow one is a Park Avenue Brussels eyeshadow in Sunflower. Crazy, I know, but I'm glad I could pick up a single eyeshadow of this colour, rather than spending money on an entire bright palette.

Swatches: Midnight, Sunflower

I had heard a lot about Mac Pigments but never got round to checking them out in store before I discovered these little gems from Park Avenue Brussels. You get almost as much product as a Mini pigment at Mac for half of the price. I picked up the Loose Powder Shadows in the shade White Dreams (because DUPE for the Mac Vanilla Pigment!), Sky Blue and Vintage Rust. That last one is so very beautiful, I don't know why I don't use it more often.

Swatches: White Dreams, Sky Blue, Vintage Rust

In the end I ended up splurging on the Mac Mini pigments anyways, just because these shades are quite the unique find. I have one in Blue Brown (duo chrome) and one in Melon.

Swatches: Blue Brown, Melon

I put these two singles in a little duo-pan, but it would have been so silly to feature them in my palettes collection, so I'm showing you them now. This is my little custom brow-kit from Mac in Charcoal Brown to fill in my brows and Brûlé to highlight the browbone in a very everyday natural way.

Swatches: Charcoal Brown, Brûlé 

Last but not least are these gorgeous little duo chrome eyeshadows from Urban Decay. This was definitely a Porcelain Beauty-enabled purchase, but I'm so glad I picked them up. They are so very unique and although they are quite bright, I still end up using them more than I would have thought at first. I have the shade Tonic and Solstice.

Swatches: Tonic, Solstice 

And there we have it, all my single eyeshadows! Which one is your favourite?

Lots of love,


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