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Hey everyone!

Today I'm welcoming a new guest on my blog. Jodie has been so nice in my comment section lately so I thought she deserved a little love from us all.

#NoteToSelf: Positive Vibes Only

Positive mind, positive vibes, positive life. It's a mantra I've been trying to let inspire me to be the best, most positive person I can be. I don't know about you, but for me it's pretty easy to let myself slip into a bad, negative mood and it's something I've been trying to change for the best part of a year.

Negativity gives you nothing in return and I can't believe it's taken me nearly two decades to figure that out. As soon as I feel a bad mood starting to hit I like to repeat the phrase in my head and think of all the little things that evoke those positive vibes in me. It could be the sound of rain against your window, cuddling your cat/dog/favourite teddy, having a relaxing bath, cooking yourself the perfect meal or sweet treat. For me it's simply watching Once Upon a Time eating cookies while outside the weather isn't the best, but it doesn't matter because I'm in my comfiest pyjamas and feeling all cosy.

Last year was a hard time for me, I'd just had an operation, my Nan who I was very close to became terminally ill, I'd failed two driving tests and been rejected from University. I honestly couldn't see how life could become any worse but I remember stumbling across the quote 'Positive Vibes Only' on a Topshop t-shirt of all things and everything just seemed to click. Life would only be as negative as I made it. I decided to believe in myself and tell myself the positive things I wanted could happen. I've passed my driving test now, and I've almost been driving for a year. I also have an interview for University next Wednesday and I'm hopeful I'll get a place. I'm going to prepare until I can practically recite the answers to any questions they could ask me in my sleep. I believe I can get a place, and I'm going to be sending some positive vibes into the world in the hope they'll send them back my way.




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