Hey everyone!

#NoteToSelf: Get off the internet!

I just want to tell you really quick why I might have been looking quite absent on social media lately. But it's actually quite freeing to press the off-switch on social media and look at something for more than 5 seconds. I'm currently in Italy to enjoy some off-time. The daily schedule is still going strong, I'm just not answering to all your lovely comments. When I get back I will catch up on all your blogs and comments, I pinky promise.

Whenever I find wifi I will try to pop up on twitter here and there or share the occasional instagram picture. Make sure to follow me on there if you want to see some vacation snaps, if not now then next week.

Thanks for always sticking with me and making my life a more happy place, being supported in a way some of you do is just so great. I'm a very lucky person.

Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Lots of love,


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