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Hey everyone!

So, I don't mean to brag, but recently a ton of people has been giving me sweet compliments on my photography. I didn't change all that much about the set-up since I first started, but I did move my desk around - which has a big, flat white surface - in front of my window so it's perfect for doing blog photography on it. I'd like to show you how I take my blog photos today.

In last week's post you can discover how I plan and schedule my posts.

What you see is what you get: it doesn't get any easier, really. I do flat-lay photography 99% of the time for my blog, which means I take photos from above while the products are laying flat on the surface. I don't even use a tripod. Sometimes I think it would help, but it gives me a bit more freedom in the exact angle, so I can manipulate it a little bit better. The only requirement is that you keep very still, though!

The camera I use is still my Canon EOS 600D  and a 28mm lens. It's been my go-to since I started Uni and the lens is an old one I found from my dad. Luckily he had a Canon too, back in the days, so it fits mine.

The only other major tool I use to take photos is a big white (reflective) piece of cardboard to cancel out harsh shadows. It bounces back the light and takes away most of the shadows next to the products.

Depending on the light, I will close the curtains or leave them open. It's quite hard to work with natural light when the weather is kind of dull, but I just don't have those fancy lights (yet).

I always keep my blogging schedule and book of ideas right next to me, as you can see. My make up is sitting right next to that (out of the frame) and I always have everything I need close by. I will use scotch tape sometimes when taking photos, when products are round and roll away. Always keep that close to you of you're doing flat-lay photography!

Would any of you like to know how I edit my photos? I'm not a professional but as you can see my set-up is quite minimal, so a lot of the magic happens in the editing process. Let me know if any of you would be interested in seeing that.

Lots of love,

PS: the products in the picture may or may not be a sneak peek for tomorrow's post! ;-)


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