Primark Home Haul


Hey everyone.

Okay I admit this haul happened a long time ago (a month to be exact which you might have seen on instagram) BUT you know how busy I am and how I've been planning out lots of posts. That's why.

Also: the picture is kind of christmassy with the fairy lights so it was probably a good idea to post it now instead of last month anyways. Let's see what bits I picked up!

I initially went in to pick up some cosy smelling candles. I thought it was way too soon to pick up any actual christmas-looking candles at that time, so I just went for a silver jar candle with the scent Falling Star. It smells kind of fresh and almost like freshly washed sheets. The other candle I picked up is a matte gold looking one with the scent Cedar & Rosewood. I love woody scents, especially in the winter months. I love it a lot, and just look how gorgeous it looks! I wish I liked the rose gold smell better but I didn't pick that one up. Oh, the jar was €5 and the little gold one was €2.

Next thing I spotted was a funky looking Fitted Sheet. It has grey toned and watery green triangles on it and I just impulsively picked it up. I reckon it was about €8 but writing this, I actually just realised I accidentally threw the little carton away (I meant to keep that for this post's sake but alas).

I also picked up another set of anti-slip hangers in pinky shades. They are really slim and make you fit 200% more clothes into the same closet. Again, I threw the carton away but I'm pretty certain they were €6 for a set of 10.

Then I spotted this pillow with the most gorgeous rose gold sequins all over it. When I arrived home I saw it was from Gabriella's (aka Velvetgh0st) collection, so now I love it even more! It's not soft at all but it looks very pretty so it's perfect as a decoration piece.

Lastly I picked up the star shaped fairly lights that are all over this picture. They were only €3, have copper wire and hello, stars everywhere! I couldn't resist picking them up.

Have you been picking up any homeware things from Primark lately? What do you have your eyes on at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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