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Hey peeps!

So a while back my local drugstore had a 25%-off offer on brands exclusive to their stores, including everything from The Balm! I was so happy, I've always wanted to try more from the brand but it's just a tad too expensive to just buy everything. Since discovering it, I only picked up the 3 Manizer Sisters, the Schwing eyeliner and the Autobalm travel palette

With the discount, all the prices suddenly became a bit more reasonable so obviously I couldn't resist and went a little crazy. When would this 25% discount ever happen again, really?

Did I really need another peachy blush? Definitely not, but I had heard so much good stuff about the Fratboy Blush that I just couldn't leave without this one. At first I thought it had a matte but it has the tiniest speck of shimmer in there so it's not flat looking on the skin. I've been loving it so much already!

I also picked up two of the Mr. Write Now eyeliner pencils - it was about time I gave these a good swatch and I was immediately sold. They're not as creamy as I hoped for them to be which can make applying them a little bit of a struggle, but they have a completely matte finish which I love. They stay on like nothing else but come off like a dream with make up remover - something I do struggle with with their Schwing eyeliner. There is one bronze shade in the range - the only shimmery one - that I really wanted to get as well, but I thought I should test these two babies out first before spending all my money. I picked up the shade Vince B. Charcoal, a gorgeous dark taupey grey, and Olive Green which is a beautiful deep khaki colour. I had been looking for a shade like this at Mac but didn't really find what I was looking for. I can't believe I never even swatched these ones before but I'm so glad I did! A little bonus point to top them off: they have a built-in sharpener if you pull of the cap at the end. So convenient!

Swatches: Vince B. Charcoal, Olive Green, Fratboy

Then round 2 happened. I went into the store to pick something up and realised the discount was still on. Suddenly I realised the Balm Desert bronzer was for sale - something I've been lusting after ever since I first heard of it but they never had it in stock here in Belgium. Finally they did and so obviously I had to buy it. It's quite dark but it's a bit cooler toned and has a hint of sparkle but nothing too in your face so I think it will work great as a contour! Kathleen Fuentes from the YouTube channel KathleenLights loves this one so that was everything I needed to know to get this one. I know I only did a Bronzer Make Up Series just over a week ago but I still couldn't resist. I wish it would have been available sooner so I could still include it in that post but hey, I'm so happy I have it now.

I was also looking for a great matte grey eyeshadow since picking up the eye pencil I mentioned above, so when I swatched the two grey eyeshadows in the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette I was sold! Of course it's quite a pricey palette (40€ for 9 eyeshadows) but the eyeshadows are quite big so I will get a lot of use out of them, plus I only payed 30€ for it now AND they are very pigmented, super buttery and there is such a great mix of warm and cool, light and dark shades. You can find the most unique shades in here so I'm probably going to use these all day everyday from now on. I have no idea why I never thought about getting this one before.
Swatches: Balm Desert, Meet Matt(e) Nude in Matt Johnson, Matt Garcia, Matt Singh, Matt Hung
Long story short: the only reason I went into the store is to pick up a free brush set that I'd saved up for with a stamp-collecting action and they were out of them so I didn't get what I went in for, but came out with a lot of The Balm stuff, which my wallet is not too happy about but hey, now at least I have a lot of new things to experiment with!

Have you tried any of these or anything from The Balm lately? What have been your favourites so far?

Lots of love,


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