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Hey everyone!

If you remember my Make Up Storage & Collection post, I moved a lot of my collection to my Ikea drawers and bought some more Muji Drawers to put on top of my desk. The Ikea drawers were still kind of messy, but I recently fixed that problem! I added some little things to my make up storage and wanted to show you how it turned out.

First off are these basket-like thingies I bought for a couple of euros at Flying Tiger. I picked up a white one and a rose gold one (of course). The white one is holding some empty candle jars with brushes and lipsticks and also my Mac custom palette. The other one I keep some palettes in that I really want to use more often, but don't fit in my Muji unit, like the Meet Matt(e) Nude palette from The Balm, the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay and the The Dolce Vita palette from Charlotte Tilbury. The contents of this basket change all the time, it's more for seasonal stuff.

Then I finally found me some pretty dividers for my drawers. These are plastic but have a lace pattern. They are the perfect size to fit in my drawers! I found them at Zara Home. They were pretty expensive, I believe 13 euros or so, but they are really feminin and pretty. Two of them fit perfectly next to each other so I can divide up the bronzers and blushes. I only have a few highlighters in this drawer (the rest is all in the Muji unit) so I keep them right in front of the little basket.

I have another one for my single eyeshadow and I keep my palettes next to it. They don't really need a separate divider, as they are all different in size and the bigger palettes would take up all the space anyways.

The rest of my make up storage hasn't changed all that much so if you want to look inside my Muji Drawers, you can read this post.

How do you store your make up? Let me know down below!

Lots of love,


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