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Hey everyone!

It's been a while since I checked out the Zoeva website. I really love Zoeva brushes, but when I think about it, I only ever ordered the first Rose Gold set. I thought it was so weird, me raving about Zoeva al the time and not having more of their collection. With the new En Taupe palette releasing, I thought I would place an order immediately.

First of all I picked up two single eyeshadow brushes. Let's all take a moment and appreciate how they are packaged... Zoeva nails it in the packaging department! They each come in a little clear pouch, which I can use later to store some brushes in or to take them on a trip. So sleek and chic!

Onto the actual brushes: I picked up the 227 Vegan Soft Definer because I love the regular one I have in my Rose Gold set but mainly use that one for blending out cream eyeshadows. I loved the size of it so I thought the Vegan one would be perfect for powder eyeshadows.

The other brush I picked out is the 226 Smudger. I was really lacking a brush like this in my collection and I love putting eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line. I think this will finally make sure I can blend out my eyeshadow underneath the eyes perfectly.

I love Zoeva brushes so much; they are super affordable (especially if you buy a set), amazing quality and they feel super soft.

I never tried any of their actual make up, so I figured it was time to dive into the Zoeva eyeshadow palettes hype, finally!

The newest release of their eyeshadow palettes is the En Taupe palette. I definitely didn't need another neutrals palette but I admit, it was an impulse buy. I kind of regretted it immediately after my payment, but since it arrived I'm all stoked about it! It contains some really unique shades that I can't wait to try out and has a few good matte shades in there as well.

The top row contains the shades Stitch By Stitch, a matte cream shade, Handmade, a shimmery salmon shade, Gallery, a true matte taupe shade, Hour By Hour, a matte salmon pink shade and Old Master, a mauvey purple shade with gold specks of glitter in it. The bottom row has the shades Spun Pearl, a shimmery vanilla shade that will be perfect for inner corner highlighting, Sheers & Voiles, a beige shimmery shade that's almost duo chrome with a purpley sheen to it, Outline, a beautiful cool toned shimmery brown, Wrapped in Silk, a shimmery taupe with a purple sheen to it and lastly Exquisite, a mauve berry toned shade that's so unique I can't even describe it. Above all, that one is matte!

I'm especially excited about Handmade, Spun Pearl, Sheers & Voiles and Exquisite.

Then I also hopped on the madness train to the Cocoa Blend palette. This one is probably the most talked about palette of the last few months and I couldn't resist picking it up as well. Everyone and their mum has done a review on this palette lately and rave about the quality and pigmentation of it, so I obviously couldn't resist. I love warm shades and this palette, again, contains some unique and beautiful shades that are right up my alley!

The top row has the shades Bitter Start, a matte cream shade that's very similar to the Stitch By Stitch one from the En Taupe palette, Sweeter End, a rose gold shimmery shade, Warm Notes, a true shimmery bordeaux/berry colour, Subtle Blend, a chocolatey shimmery shade and Beans Are White, a matte deep brown shade. The bottom row contains Pure Ganache, a beautiful warm golden shade, Substitute For Love, a orangey brown shade with a matte finish and bits of glitter to it, reminds me a lot of Salted Caramel from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, Freshly Toasted, a warm brown red-toned shade, Infusion, a purpley brown with a golden glitter in it and lastly Delicate Acidity, a lilac shimmery shade.

I'm very excited about the shades Warm Notes, Pure Ganache, Substitute For Love and Freshly Toasted.

If you would like to see a review on any of these palettes, let me know and I will swatch them for you! I see a lot of similarities to some other eyeshadows and palettes in my collection so I can review them properly. The main thing I can say is that the feel very buttery, especially the matte shades, which is so hard to find in that price range.

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned or anything from Zoeva at all? Let me know in the comments what you think about them!

Lots of love,


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