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Hey everyone!

So I recently indulged in the hype that is Zoeva Make Up. I picked up the Cocoa Blend eyeshadow palette and the new En Taupe eyeshadow palette. I've been trying and testing them out a lot lately and I think I'm ready to give my full opinion on them.

A lot of you may know that I was already a massive fan of their brushes. The quality is amazing and they are super affordable. If this would be the same case with the eyeshadows, it was only a matter of time before I would love them. I kept hearing about them, especially the Cocoa Blend palette, so with the recent release of the En Taupe palette, I decided to pick them up both and put them to the test.

First of all is the price. Zoeva is known for their great value for money. You get 10 eyeshadows in each palette that I bought for €17,50. Prices can differ in each country, but they are still pretty affordable at £15 in the UK. The eyeshadows are quite big as well; 10 shadows of 1,5g for €17,50 is a total bargain! (in comparison to Urban Decay: 12 shadows of 1,3g for €49,90).

I thought such an affordable palette could never compete with my higher end eyeshadows, but trust me, I was completely wrong on that! I can easily compare the quality of these shadows to Urban Decay, I even like them better than some of my Mac eyeshadows or my Too Faced palette. They feel silky soft to the touch, aren't chalky (although some mattes can be a bit patchy), only have slight fall out in general, apply and blend so beautifully and most of them are very pigmented. I'll go into detail about each palette separately in a minute, but overall I'm very impressed with the quality of these palettes. It's the first actual great eyeshadow palette on the drugstore I've had my hands on. Big thumbs up!

Packaging wise I really like these as well. I would have payed the extra few euros if it included a nice and big mirror, that's the only thing I'm missing in it. It's very lightweight so super easy to take with me on travels, it's nice and thin just like the Lorac Pro palettes. The cardboard probably makes it more affordable as well, I'm hoping it won't start to rip when I use them a lot, but even The Balm uses this kind of packaging and so far I've never experienced any trouble with it. I love the design on both these packagings, they are sophisticated, yet fun. Another big hit to tick off the check list.

As always, I can't really give you my review on staying power - even the most expensive eyeshadow in the world won't last on it's own on my oily eyelids, but with my usual combination of the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and a cream eyeshadow underneath powder eyeshadows, these stay put just as well.

Now for the palettes individually. Let's start with Cocoa Blend.

This palette contains of 5 shimmery shades, 4 matte shades and 1 glittery shade.

Bitter Start is a matte cream colour that is perfect for creating a base for your eye look or to highlight the brow bone. It's definitely one of the more patchy shadows in the palette but it's very buildable in coverage.

Sweeter End is a beautiful rose gold shimmery shade that's perfect for inner corner highlighting in a subtle way or to pop on top of the lid. This one does not give a lot of colour, but I think that's just because of the shade itself being not very in your face.

Warm Notes is a gorgeous berry shade that reminds me a lot of Mac's Cranberry. It's super pigmented and has a gorgeous shimmer finish.

So does Subtle Blend, a great neutral everyday bronze shade with the exact same consistency and pigmentation as Warm Notes.

Beans Are White is a matte one, which again has a good amount of fall out. It feels very buttery but if you take too much on your brush or finger, it falls out pretty bad and let me tell you, this baby is pigmented, you don't want to have it all over your face! Using a light hand is recommended with this one.

Pure Ganache is one of the most gorgeous shades in this palette, coming off as a very pigmented, warm gold shade with a more sparkly finish than the other shimmers in the palette.

Substitute For Love is another matte shade, being a bit less pigmented but that's okay, I wouldn't want to go overboard with it either. It does feel very soft and buttery, just like Freshly Toasted. This one is such a gorgeous warm brown shade, I'm obsessed with it!

Infusion looks kind of purpley at first glance, but it actually swatches almost the same colour as Beans Are White, only this one has loads of golden glitter in it. A true sparkly shade.

Lastly there is Delicate Acidity, which again looks more purple in the tin than it comes off as a swatch. It almost has this By Terry Misty Rock / Kiko Rosy Brown 05 feel to it, looking a bit browny purpley mauve. Such an interesting colour! This last one has a shimmer sheen.

Moving on to En Taupe.

This palette includes 5 shimmers, 4 mattes and 1 glitter shade, just like the other one.

Stitch By Stitch is a cream matte shade. This one is just like the one in the Cocoa Blend palette, rather patchy but buildable.

Handmade is a gorgeous champagne colour that's great for highlighting and has a shimmery finish.

Gallery is a matte cool greige shade that with the same consistency as the first one is quite patchy but once blended out is a a stunning nude.

Hour By Hour is a matte dusty rose shade that's perfect for blending out edges in the crease. This one I feel is a little bit less patchy. I love this colour a lot and I think it would work great paired with darker or brighter colours as well.

Old Master is a cool purple shade with gold specks of glitter in it, very festive and has good pigmentation. I love that this palette has good mattes, but it's nice to change it up with a bit of glitter sometimes.

Next there is Spun Pearl, as the name suggests a bright pearl shimmery shade that's great for inner corner highlighting. Super buttery and pigmented.

Sheers & Voiles is a very light shimmery duo chrome with a beige undertone and purple sheen. It's very subtle and very light , but I love it a lot for that little extra.

  Outline is a shimmery cool bronze, perfect for smoking it up a bit. I love the buttery consistency of this one and I thought it reminded me of another eyeshadow I have, I just can't remember which one. Apparently I don't own anything like it then!

Wrapped In Silk is a purpley grey shimmery shade that's such a beautiful everyday shade and again, the pigmentation is great on this one.

Last but certainly not least we have the stunner of the palette, Exquisite, which I feel is an appropriate name. This is a warm mauve purple shade, it has a matte finish and unlike the other mattes this one isn't patchy at all! It's very pigmented and applies beautifully. This shade is the reason I picked up the palette in the first place.

Do I think they were worth spending my money on?
If you don't own a lot of neutrals yet, the En Taupe palette is a great mix of everything you need: some good mattes, beautiful shimmers, a good mix of lighter and darker shades as well. I probably didn't need it in the first place, but after experimenting with it and swatching it, I soon realised it does contain a few beautiful and unique shades.

Cocoa Blend was definitely worth the money! These shades are right up my street and are super wearable, but because there's a very dark matte chocolatey brown included you can easily amp it up which is amazing, and you can make it more festive-season-proof with the glittery or gold shade as well.

If you are still in doubt but really want to try them, I'd say go for it. They aren't that expensive after all, so why wouldn't you?

Lots of love,


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