A Christmassy Catch Up


Hey everyone!

I'm not sure how I'm still keeping up this daily schedule with everything going on, but here's another good old catch up. "What the hell have you been up to lately?" you might think. Or you might not, but you're reading this anyways just because you lovely lots always do. Thanks!

* Two weeks ago I finished my internship. I'm missing it already, but it's good to have some time for school now, while still being able to get out of the house in between and not feeling guilty.

* It also takes the pressure off my blog a little bit, now I can just take pictures at whatever time and whatever day I want, instead of having to do them in my weekends because it's dark out when I return from my internship.

* I'm still working on the jewelry store design for school, in a little over a month I need to present this project. Eeek! It's getting so close now! Here's a little snippet of the whole thing.

* I've been Christmas shopping for a month or so now. I don't have a really big family so I only have to get presents for my mum, my brother, my dad and my grandma. I bought gran this really pretty wash bag from Ted Baker and I kindly asked for one myself because my mum was with me. I'm thinking ahead, alright? I need to bag all my make up when I go to the UK and I clearly don't have enough make up bags to put it all in.

Spot me in the bauble!
* Speaking of: YES I'm definitely still planning on going to the UK in a few months. My lovely friend Alice has booked us some tickets to Skinny Living in March so it's official now! I will definitely be in Manchester in March!

* It's been almost a year since I started my blog now. I believe the first post was on the 31st of December. I can't believe it's been this long already! Although it feels as if I've been doing this my whole life.

* HOW ARE YOU? I clearly don't ask this enough. Let's talk in the comments! I appreciate every single comment so much and I love seeing more and more comments on my posts. Thanks to everyone who stuck around on this crazy journey.

So tell me, how you've been lately? How's your blog doing? What are you up to for NYE? What are you going to wear? Any exciting posts planned for the next days? Please feel free to share anything you want! I'm in the mood for a bit of chatting ;-)

Lots of love,


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