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Deck the halls with lots of air con!

Rai Erin Rose is taking over today with her stories about how Aussies celebrate Christmas in summer. Hope you enjoy and go check out her blog!

Source: http://habituallychic.luxury/2013/12/winter-wonderland/ and https://customsofchristmas.wordpress.com/tag/christmas-in-australia/ 

Christmas, it’s a season of jumpers, snow, fireplaces and a good cup of hot chocolate; unless you live on the other side of the world. It has always been a weird experience living in a part of the world where it is sunny instead of snowing at Christmas. With mainstream media, YouTubers and all the Christmas songs my brain is usually confused at why everyone is nice and cosy while I am trying not to burn at the beach.

It gets pretty funny as well. The sound of Christmas carols is actually the sounds of a thousand cicadas 24/7, you wish it is snowing because as soon as you step outside you burn. Instead of jumpers Christmas its bikinis, beach, sunscreen and air con.

We share a few traditions with our European and American friends; a big family get together, a roast turkey dinner and the Christmas tree. We have our own twists as well, I know people who will go off and have a BBQ or eat fish instead to match the diet with the warmer weather! Also instead of staying wrapped up in doors, families are off to the beach and kids are outside testing their new toys, bikes and gadgets. The heat just makes it sort of a weird family tradition in a way.

Carols are also a big part even if most of the lyrics are incorrect to our climate! Tons of people gather at carols at candlelight which is a massive family concert that happens in Sydney every year. I’m not sure if other countries also go walking through the streets to look at all the Christmas lights. I like to go Christmas Eve to build up the excitement for the next day.

Source: http://mumcentral.com.au/the-magic-of-christmas-lights-and-where-you-can-find-them/
But no matter where you are in the world Christmas is a time of bringing people together. I bet everyone still gets that excitement of the newly filled stocking on their bed and the rush of present opening because your younger siblings can’t wait anymore, the family board games that end up with silly fighting, eating too much you need to just sit the rest of the day.

That’s some of the reasons I love Christmas! Along with good weather we get the best holiday (apart from Halloween of course haha).

Let Charline and I know what you love most about Christmas below! Do you celebrate it in winter or summer?

Love Always, Rai xo

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