Make Up Look with Zoeva En Taupe


Hey everyone!

A lot of you were very excited about my review on the Zoeva palettes so I really wanted to create a look with them to show you. Last week I did a look with the Cocoa Blend palette, today I'm using the latest En Taupe palette. Hope you like it!

After doing my base and brows and priming my eyelids, I went into the first shade in the palette called Stitch By Stitch and applied it on the brow bone to highlight. To create an even base and to make sure there's a transition shade in the crease I dip into Hour By Hour, a lovely matte dusty salmony rose shade and apply that all over the lid up until right above the crease.

Then I use the cool purple shade with little gold flecks in the top right of the palette called Old Master. The gold flecks don't show up as much as you would think at first, so it's more of a matte finish when applied. I put this all over the mobile lid. Then I take the bottom right shade in the palette called Exquisite, a warmer aubergine purple shade, and apply it in the crease in wind swiper motions with a fluffy tapered crease brush to make sure it's blended out and won't look too heavily pigmented.

For the lower lash line I apply Exquisite all over with a smudging brush. Then I go in with a black felt tip liner, Maybelline's Master Precise and do a little wing, nothing too fancy. A good curl with the lash curlers and a coat of l'Oréal Telescopic mascara on top and bottom lashes et voila!

I don't wear shades like this everyday, but whenever I do I am kind of obsessed how well they go with my green eyes! What do you think of this cooler toned look?  Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,


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