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Hey everyone!

Recently I've been getting into winged eyeliner again. I kind of forgot about it over the Summer, but the past few months I've been enjoying wearing it again and experimenting with a few different ones.

Today I want to run you through my liquid liners, which ones I enjoy and which looks to create with them.

NYC Liquid Liner - 888 Pearlized Black

I never thought I would get on with a liquid liner with a brush applicator, but here we are. I discovered this one through KathleenLights' YouTube tutorials, she used to use this one a lot. I think it's a great one for when you want a subtle liner, since this one doesn't dry to a pitch black at all. As the name suggests, it has a pearly sheen to it, which makes it a great everyday shade. I did a look using this one not too long ago, which you can read about here.

The Balm - Schwing

This is probably the first actual black liquid liner I ever tried after using felt tip pen liners all the time. The formula is very wet, but dries down quite fast. This one it dark as the night and has a matte finish. This literally won't move and is actually quite hard to get off in the evening. The applicator is quite interesting on this one, it almost feels like a rubbery tip but it's actually a felt-tip. I think the wet formula makes it feel like it's more plastic-y or something. I don't really know how to explain it, but you should definitely give it a go if you're into very intense black liquid liner!

Maybelline Master Duo

This one came into a set I picked up at the airport. I wasn't planning on ever trying it, but oh well, why the heck not. This liquid liner has a very interesting shape. The felt applicator has a flat round tip at the end, so you can use it in two ways: hold it horizontally to create a very thin line, or hold it vertically so it creates a very thick line. I think this liner could be a great one for graphic liner looks. It's matte, but not as matte as Schwing, and it's black, but not as intense as Schwing. It's a good in betweener and it stays on rather well.

Mac Superslick Liquid Eye Liner - Signature Blue

Okay, before I start ranting about this one, I just want to say I love this colour to death. It has a pearlized finish and is just such a pretty in-between blue shade. BUT. The formula on this is really not my favourite. I feel like you can't go over your line twice or it will rub off. The formula is quite wet and thick, but dries down very crumbly very quickly. It's a pain to get off in the evening and I have never been able to wear it more than a few hours because it starts to annoy me. I admit I haven't worn it in a hot minute, I'm considering to wear it in the future if I ever feel like it again, because the colour is really quite unique in my opinion, but the formula is just a pain in the ass. Such a shame because I love Mac eye pencils a lot, I had high hopes for the liquid liner when I bought this.

l'Oréal Super Liner Ultra Precision - Brown

I picked this up after looking for ages for an affordable brown eyeliner. I wish they would make their Perfect Slim felt tip liner in this shade because I adore that one, but I picked up this one instead. This also has a felt tip applicator - mine actually is a bit wonky but I can manage to work with it. The colour pay off is alright, the staying power is not amazing. I tend to wear this one more for evening looks, or when I know I won't be wearing my make up for very long. Apart from that, it's a great affordable coloured liquid liner and a brown liner is so much less harsh than a black one for everyday looks.

Swatches (left to right): NYC, The Balm, Maybelline, Mac, l'Oréal

Which liquid liners have been your favourites? Let me know down below! I'd love to discover some more beautiful ones.

Lots of love,


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