X-MAS WEEK: Last-minute gift ideas


Hey peeps!

Still stressing out because you haven't done all your christmas shopping yet? Still looking for a gift to buy from a physical shop because ordering would be too late? It's technically not too late to do your Christmas shopping... I've got you covered.

Also, I just wanted to show off the presents I wrapped this year. I bought the wrapping paper at Paperchase and the ribbons at De Bijenkorf. I love brown wrapping paper, especially with a white print on it. I thought it looked so cute, and it goes so great with my white and rose gold ribbons. Last but not least, I used mini-baubles for name tags. *pat myself on the back*
Imma show off this year!

For the sweet tooth:

I bought my mum a beautiful box she can re-use in her class room or on her desk, and filled it up with chocolate and honey stuff. Edible gifts are always great. If your budget is limited, you could do one of those DIY cakes in a mug/jar, where you buy a mason jar e.g., fill it up with dry ingredients for a cake, write the recipe and attach it to the jar. that's a fun little gift for when you're doing secret Santa, or as a stocking filler.

For the bookworm:

Books are for everyone. If it's a child, get him/her something like Harry Potter, Gossip Girl or John Green, they'll love it. If it's for your parents, buy them a cook book, photography book, travel book or even a knitting book or whatever DIY-things they are into. Also beauty books are quite popular recently, so if it's for a girl/woman who loves make up, you might want to have a look at Lisa Eldrige's, Bobbi Brown's... Of course there are always the YouTuber books like Girl Online (Zoella), Love, Tanya (Tanya Burr) Hello Life (Marcus Butler)...

For the fashionista's and beauty lovers:

You might want to check out Boots if they still have some christmas gift sets available, otherwise a lipstick or an eyeshadow palette would be great for make up gifts. I kindly refer to the 1000+ beauty gift guides on YouTube. A set from Rituals, Soap&Glory or The Body Shop is always a hit as well. I personally love the Rituals sets a lot. If they are more into fashion: a cut hat or beanie, some gloves or a scarf are quite easy to buy for someone else. If you have no clue what to choose: go for the gift card from Mac, Boots, Sephora, Asos, Zara etc.

For the techies:

iPhone cases come in all types, materials, colours and price ranges. People will always need a new one, and if you know the person well enough you'll know exactly what they need: for teenagers a fun one is a good idea, for the parents maybe a leather casing would look better. For the kids: maybe look out for some fun headphones! Of course you could go for great quality ones like Bose or Beats, but again there are a lot of fun and cute ones as well for every budget. If you have a lot of money to spend, have a look at the Frends headphones, they are amazing quality and are super elegant (if it's for a girl). Last but not least for the music- or apps-lover: an iTunes gift card is something I personally buy a lot for my brother or myself, or I'd love to receive. A lot of music is pirated in the world, but I download my music via iTunes most of the time. If an album is really good, I'll pay for it.

Hope this post gave you some inspiration and good luck with wrapping the last gifts!

Lots of love,


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