X-MAS WEEK: What I gave & got for Christmas


Hey everyone!

Today I want to share all about the gifts that were exchanged at Christmas Eve this year. Let's start with the ones I bought & gave to my family.

My Mum:

I know my mum likes the little things. She's an elementary school teacher and her classroom looks super cosy and stuffed with a lot of things. I bought her a beautiful black-and-white box that she can use on her desk, filled with yummy things like honey, and honey chocolate spread, a coconut chocolate roll and gorgeous smelling soaps. I also bought her a few wooden pencils from HAY, a totebag from Primark with the Union Jack on it and a beautiful taupe scarf from Six.

My Dad:

I find dad's the hardest to buy for. My dad literally buys everything for himself and I have no clue what to buy him that he doesn't own already. I bought him a Vivabox with 4 mini bottles of wine, so he can try them and go get a full size bottle of the one he likes most. I also picked up a designer rolling pin from HAY, made out of green stone, because he likes to cook and bake and I thought it looked so sophisticated.

My Gran:

My grandma is happy with everything I buy her. Seriously, anything would be great for her. I noticed that here make up was kind of laying around in her closet without any structure to it, so I picked up a Ted Baker washbag for her. This is such a beautiful one and I almost bought it for myself, but I have one very similar to this one (only different pattern). It's really handy and now she can put all her make up in there!

My Brother:

Another man that literally has everything! In the end I picked up a laptop decal in the shape of guitar heads because he's a musician, like me. There are six of them and they are all separate, so he can decide whether to put all of them on there, or just one or two. Then I also picked up a glass photo frame for the London puzzle we're making. It's the perfect size for it and that way he can hang it up after we finish.

Now onto the stuff I got!

My dad got me a silver iPhone 5S (literally, omg!) and a bluetooth speaker to carry around with me when I'm in England. This Philips one is such great quality!

My mum bought me two black Silis bracelets and a pair of beautiful ear rings. I also got a little Ted Baker purse and a Ted Baker wash bag. I'm so happy with everything they got me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day and got everything you wished for.

Lots of love,


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