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Hey everyone!

I know today should have been the first one that I didn't post because of the new schedule, but since I had already planned out posts for the next couple of weeks (!) and didn't want to wait too long with this, I thought I'd do it today. Two weeks ago I was finally able to check out the H&M beauty range in a physical store and picked up some bits that I'd like to share with you today.

The first thing I really wanted to check out were the High Impact Eye Colour shadows. I've read mixed reviews on the eyeshadow palettes, but heard good things about the single eyeshadows - or at least the non-matte ones. I started swatching around as I normally do and immediately agreed that the palettes weren't the same quality as the singles and the matte shades were quite chalky while the metallic and shimmery shades felt rather creamy to the touch. I picked up Ginger Snap, a shade that reminded me a lot of Mac Amber Lights, Sun Worship, a gorgeous glittery taupe grey colour that might be similar to one of the shades in the Naked 2 palette but I haven't really tried that out yet, and finally the one in Anthracite, a very sparkly dark charcoal grey shade that's perfect for night out looks. It's quite similar in shade to Urban Decay's Deadbeat (Vice 4 palette) but the H&M one is even sparklier.

The eyeshadows were €5,99 each and by the swatches I can tell these will be very good value for money. I'll definitely keep you updated and try to use them in a make up look soon!

Swatches: Ginger Snap, Sun Worship, Anthracite

Next I checked out the eyeliner and cream shadow section. None of the cream pot shades really spoke to me, but when I saw the Drama Cream Eyeliner pots, the one in Gold Rush was screaming my name! I bought it before the holidays so I really wanted to try it out on NYE. I ended up wearing it on New Year's Day and it lasted all night! I'm digging this one. (see it in action here)

The Aqua Liquid Eyeliners also caught my attention because I spotted some glittery ones and I've been searching for those for ages! As I swatched the golden and silver glitter liners, I saw they weren't very pigmented at all and decided to go for the one in Afterglow instead, a beautiful metallic bronzey brown shade. I love me some coloured eyeliner and this shade just seemed perfect for me. The applicator is a felt tip so I think it will be very manageable to work with.

The cream liner pots are €7,99 and the liquid liners retail at €5,99. I thought they would be worth a shot for that price. I'll keep you posted!

Swatches: Gold Rush, Afterglow

The last thing I picked up is the Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Dusty Rose. I really wanted to try out a powder blush too but all the pretty shades seemed to be sold out so I opted for a cream one instead. I've never really owned a dusty shade like this - I think - so I'm quite excited to try it out. This one retails at €7,99.

Swatches: Dusty Rose swatched, Dusty Rose blended out

Have you tried anything from the H&M Beauty Range recently? What are your favourites?

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