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Hey everyone!

As you may or may not know, I'm quite obsessed with copper. Not only for homeware, but for make up too. I love wearing copper shades on my eyes and I want to share all the good stuff with you today. This might be a bit Autumnal and I know it's Winter now, but hey, my love for copper never dies!

Mac Technakohl - Brass Band

I love Mac Technakohl liners a lot, they come in all different shades and can be used for different purposes. This one I find works best on my lower lash line, when I'm doing a copper eye and using coppery shades on my upper lid, I can be very precise with this one. So whenever I don't want to smoke it out, but I want the colour to be there, I'll use this one.

Elf Shadow Stick - Basic/Brown*

I admit I rarely use this one ever, but I think it's because I can't see the shade from the packaging. It's a gorgeous everyday copper shade and it's so easy to use. I used this one a while back for a summer make up look, but it was quite neutral so it could be worn anytime really ;) Great shade so definitely check it out!

Rimmel Kate Shadow Stick - Rose Gold

I used to be so obsessed with this one and used it all the time when I first got it! It's so easy to use and blend, so if you want a quick wash of warm copper, this one will be your best friend.

YSL Full Metal Shadow - 5 Steamy Coral

This is a fairly new addition to my collection but I'm really enjoying it. If you blend it out, the colour gets really sheer, but if you apply a thicker layer or a few layers, the pigment can pack a punch. It's an interesting thing, a liquid eyeshadow. Ir has a gorgeous metallic finish and I'm not quite sure why it's called Coral when it's obviously more of a coppery shade (while the bronze shade is called copper) but hey, YSL knows how to do eyeshadows.

Urban Decay Naked 2 - Chopper

Ah, another favourite of mine. This is more of a soft copper compared to the red tones of the last two, but it's nonetheless a stunner. If you're looking for more of a rose gold shade then this is your guy. It has a decent amount of shimmer, but it still looks very natural to me.

Mac - Coppering

The newest eyeshadow in my collection, I talked about this a few days ago in my Mac Haul post. This is probably the most brick-red shade in this whole post, but that's what makes it so unique and beautiful. The pigmentation is amazing and I can't wait to wear it a lot!

Park Avenue Loose Eyeshadow Pigment - Vintage Rust

We end this post with a budget option - that's only available in Belgium I'm afraid! This loose pigment is a lot softer than the Mac eyeshadow, but is very similar in shade and works well for setting some of the cream eyeshadows mentioned before (like the Rose Gold stick from Rimmel). It's kind of a messy one to use but it just adds that little bit of extra pigment and sparkle to the look.

Swatches: 1. Mac Brass Band, 2. Elf  Basic/Brown, 3. Rimmel Kate Rose Gold, 4. YSL Steamy Coral, 5. Urban Decay Chopper, 6. Mac coppering, 7. Park Avenue Vintage Rust

Are you into copper shades? What are your favourites?

Lots of love,


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