New Year's Resolutions + New Blogging Schedule


Hey everyone!

I hope you all had a great time during the holidays and celebrated with lots of loving people around you.

Today I want to share my New Year's resolutions, along with my heart tearing decision of cutting down my posting times...

I've never been good at sticking with my resolutions. "Getting Healthy" is one I've made every year and it just never happens. I really want to try and get healthier this year though, but I know at some point I'll probably fail so I'm not going to make an actual New Year's resolution out of it. Therefore I'm only going to make two actual resolutions, ones that come with great responsibilities...


This is one I really want to work on this year. Of course I'll meet lots of new people when I go to Manchester for a few months, but I'm just kind of stuck in a rut at the place I am right now. It's so great to catch up with old friends and I really like seeing them still, from time to time, but I'd love to get to know some new people in my neighborhood and actually start talking to other people than the ones I already know. How am I going to meet my future boyfriend if I don't at least talk to a stranger from time to time?


Something I kind of seem to have forgotten about last year is making my own damn music. I used to enjoy recording songs so much, even if it was just a cover of some well known song, I was making my own of it and used to love taking my guitar and practice some songs on it. Same goes for my piano; I've been getting into playing it more recently and really want to record a song very soon (probably after I graduate). I think it's because of the whole daily blogging I got myself into. A few days into blogging I decided to make it a daily thing, which was never really something I was planning on doing, I just wanted to blog for fun and see where it would bring me, but for some reason I immediately put the pressure of daily blogging on myself. 

That's why I've decided to cut down to posting 4 times a week.

I feel terrible just typing this and really wanted to keep up with the daily schedule. I love blogging and it's quickly become my passion, but I also realised I forgot about my biggest passion and that's still making music. I used to dream about performing on stage and people listening and singing along to my songs. I guess it's still one of my priorities, I always blamed school for not having the time to make music, but I came to the conclusion that it's probably my blog that's taking up all my free time.

As much as I enjoy daily blogging, I still feel like 4 days a week is a lot. The most important part of my school career is coming near and I need to give my all to make sure I graduate. Posting 4 times a week in stead of every day will be more manageable, but still feel like I'm always around! I can also promote my posts better, sometimes a post just gets lost in the sea of other posts. I'd love to have more comments on a post, than having more posts up on my blog. Quality over quantity, right?

The new schedule will be:
Monday - Wednesday - Friday - Sunday
(still at 9am UK time)

Of course I'll still post in between whenever I have something to share, but I can also take the time to breathe and make some music, or do a more spontaneous post (read: HAUL) whenever I feel like it, because there are "empty" days in between.

I'm also moving all blog and beauty related stuff over to a new instagram-account. My "old" one, @charlineofficial will keep on existing, but that one will be more for personal stuff. I've made a new account especially for my blog, so I can promote my posts and share all the beauty related stuff I want on there. So go over to @charlinehasablog and have a quick follow!

Hope you all understand.
Daily posts will go up for the rest of this week, the new schedule will start on Monday, January 4th. I'll see you tomorrow with a very exciting post!

Lots of love,


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