Project Pan That Product: update #3


Hello everyone!

I'm here with update number three on my Project: Pan That Product.

I know it's been over a month since the last update, but I simply couldn't squeeze it in between all the xmas, NYE and favourites posts. The picture beneath shows last month's state of the products. I told in the previous update that I would get rid of the Maybelline LashSensational mascara because it was all dried up.

Today, the products look like this:

 l'Oréal False Lash Superstar mascara

I'm adding this one to the mix starting today because I have so many new mascaras, I just forget to use the older ones before they dry out. I have owned this one for quite a while now and I have used it for blog posts here or there, but I honestly haven't worn it all that much ever since I got it. It's because at first I was a bit disappointed as I expected more from a mascara that comes with a lash primer. It's an okay mascara, but it smudges throughout the day and I'm not a big fan of that... I will try to use it as often as I can, when I know I won't be out for long. That way I can still get use out of it, even though it's not the best mascara in the world.

Benefit The POREfessional face primer

Since I added this one to the project last month, I have used it tons. I think it works so well for me in combination with a more hydrating, dewy foundation. Those foundations never seemed to work for me all that well before, but since I'm using them in combination with this primer, they do stay on a lot longer and don't make me oily as much. I've drawn a line to where the product is used up right now, I can definitely see myself finishing this one in the next month or two.

Benefit Hoola bronzer

I have used this one tons, and you probably can't tell on the photo but I have been able to make a little bit of a dent in this product. I can't believe how little I need to contour my whole face and it's been lasting me for ages; I thought I would have hit pan by now. This is going to take me forever to finish, probably!

Benefit Dandelion blush

I'm so chuffed when I see how much the dent grows every month! I use this blush 85% of the time, more or less. When I go out I sometimes opt for a different one, but on a daily basis I will always use this one. I think in another two months I'll probably get rid of it, because only the edges will be left and it's harder to get pigment out of it everyday. Until then I'll be using it loads!

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Pink Gold

If you look closely on the photos, you can see how big the dent has become in this little pot. It's like the bottom of it is endless, I definitely thought I would have hit pan on this one by now. I've not been using it every day, but on and off for the last month or so and I definitely get a lot of use out of it. It's still a great base to rosy up any eyeshadow look.

Maybelline Master Precise liner

I've loved this one for ages, but I think it's finally starting to dry up a little bit. It used to be so pigmented, still, after all this time not using it, but ever since I started wearing more winged liner again and I've been using this one all the time, I feel like the coverage isn't quite there anymore. I'm going to try and get as much use out of it in the next month, after that it'll probably have to go.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

My favourite concealer that I've neglected so much over the summer, is now back into my life and I love it! I definitely need that coverage at the moment and I'm so sad it's nearly finished. Again, I drew a line to where there's still product left, it's going quick!

Rimmel Stay Matte powder

The little area where I hit pan last month has now grown heaps! I love using this one every day and there's not much left to say about it, other than it takes ages to actually finish this. But I mean, that's a good thing, right?

If any of you are doing a similar project, don't forget to link your posts down below, I'd love to see how you're doing.

Lots of love,


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