UK Brands I'm Excited To Try (More)


Hey peeps!

As my 4 month trip to Manchester is slowly getting closer, I'm getting warm for all the make up brands I'm finally able to try over there. Sure some of them can be shipped to Belgium, but for a high end foundation I'd really rather get colour matched and ask for a sample first. For drugstore product I really want to finally take some time to explore the entire Boots and Superdrug and make sure I don't pick out products in a rush.

Don't shoot me if some of these brands don't originate from the UK, but I'm super excited because they are available over there and not in Belgium. So there you go.


Soap & Glory

Whenever I was in London the last few times, I never actually went into a bigger Boots so I never got the chance to check out their make up. A friend of mine brought me a Solar Powder back in September, I believe, and I've been so obsessed with it I can't wait to try out more! I'm super excited for the One Heck Of A Blot setting powder, the new face primer and the Brow Archery.


I was always kind of in a rush when I was in Boots and never got round to actually swatching stuff from Sleek. I've heard a lot about the contour kits and blushes, so I really want to try them out. Also those new highlighting palettes, how gorgeous are they? (I hope they are not limited edition?)

Make Up Revolution

I have never actually seen this in a store, or maybe I just overlooked it. However, their eyeshadow palettes and blush/highlight palettes look stunning! I really hope to swatch them and see about the quality of these.

Barry M

For NYE I've been looking for glitter eyeliners EVERYWHERE and I just can't find them! Oh well, now that's over, I guess Barry M does some. I remember someone talking about their loose pigments as well, and the eyeshadow palettes look stunning. Must be checked out!


The only Topshops I've been to before is the one on Oxford Street in London where I'm always kind of overwhelmed and forget to check out the make up section, and the one in Birmingham at Bullring, when sales were going on and again: kind of overwhelmed with all the mess! I don't even remember seeing the beauty section in that store. I'm making a goal out of actually checking it out in Manchester soon; I'm seriously lusting after the Glow pot and some cream blushes!

Tanya Burr

I guess I can get this at but I'd really rather swatch everything first. I want to try a lip gloss so bad, and her new face palettes and eyeshadows look stunning!


I've been a major fan of the Lasting Perfection concealer for years now and I really want to try some other bits out. Like their liquid liner that HelloOctoberxo keeps raving about.


Charlotte Tilbury

Oh my, Charlotte Tilbury has won me over! If I had the money, I would buy everything in her range. I might buy another eyeshadow palette, depending on how much I splurge at the drugstore, I'm intrigued by her eyelash curlers as well, maybe a lipstick too? Whatever the damage on my bank account, I'll definitely try out her latest foundation - or at least ask for a sample so I can try it out. I reckon I might like that one a lot!

Laura Mercier

I have been thinking about her loose setting powder for so long now, and somehow every time I get the chance, I change my mind and buy something else (because I always have to set a limit for myself on how much money I'm going to spend on make up, things would get crazy real fast if I didn't!) I think I might finally give it a go in a few months.


After seeing the blush palettes everywhere I really want to try some of them out. I might even start a little freedom palette, who knows. I was going to buy some eyeshadows anyways. Also the lip crayons have me in their power, I'm determined to find a great shade for me.

Over to you, UK people, what do you recommend I pick up when I'm there? Any other suggestions? Leave me a cheeky comment below. Also: please think about my bank account. Thank you. :-)

Lots of love,


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