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Hey everyone!

Today I want to share with you this gorgeous palette from Urban Decay. The Vice 4 palette has been out for a few months now and I have been doubting whether or not to buy this for a long time. I did splurge on it a month ago, in the end, and want to let you know my full opinion on it in this post.

I've used this one for my birthday make up menu and a NYE make up look already. I'm going to start with this palette for my "5 looks with..." series as well, so this Wednesday will be the first of 5 looks I'll create with the palette.

Grab a cuppa, because it's going to be a long one!

Initially I had my eyes on the Vice 3 palette but after figuring out that one was actually limited edition I was so disappointed. I really think that one would have been more for me than this one, but overall I'm quite ecstatic about this ever since it came in the mail.

Above all, 6 of the eyeshadow pans fell out when I opened it for the first time. Gutted, I let Feel Unique know that I wasn't happy with the way they packaged my palette and that they should consider protecting stuff like this more carefully in the future. I glued the pans back in there myself because I didn't want to send it back - I couldn't wait to play around with the shadows! They were kind enough to give me a 25% refund on it so everything is settled in the end. I really do hope they think about packaging heavier palettes like this in a different way in the future.

Now onto the amazingness that is the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette!

First of all: how beautiful is this case? It's very blitz and I just love the metallic rainbow effect. The coloured part is even in a 3D effect, which is bloody amazing; The packaging already sort of justifies the price of this product: I ordered it for €60 on the Feel Unique website (£43). It also comes in a beautiful pouch with that same metallic rainbowy print on it. This is so handy to protect the palette when you are taking it with you. The palette closes with a magnetic system, which is not my absolute favourite. I feel like it would open quite easily, so it's good that it comes with a pouch.

As always I can't give a full opinion on staying power since I have very oily eyelids, but I always wear them with the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base or Urban Decay Primer Potion and a cream shadow on top to make sure the eyelids are evened out and to prolong the wear of powder eyeshadows.

The quality is amazing of course. It's the same as we're used to from Urban Decay, all of the shadows are pigmented and buttery. The very glittery eyeshadows do have fall out, I knew that would be the case already. I own the Solstice single eyeshadow, which is one of their moon dust shadows, that one is very glittery and has fall out as well. I think it's very hard to not have this with chunky glittery eyeshadows, but I think that's the price you pay for having an amazing glitter on your eyelids and having a great pigmentation; The matte shadows are amazing and don't tend to have that many fall out. I find the ones in the Naked Basics palettes are a bit chalkier in comparison to the ones we get in this palette. Very good job, Urban Decay!

In this palette there are 3 matte shadows, 1 satin shade (almost matte but with a slight sheen), 8 metallic finishes, 2 shimmery shades, 2 shades with a fine glitter and 4 chunky glittery shades. I think it has a good mix of neutrals and brights, altough I feel like Vice 3 included a few more neutral colours. I would have liked to see at least some glittery shades to be more of a metallic finish, or even a matte. Some of the glitter shades are absolutely stunning in colour, but are way too glittery for everyday wear. I'm thinking about the bright aqua blue shade or the khaki one at the bottom. The palette would become just a bit more wearable if that were the case. Also I do miss some shimmery or metallic highlight shades. I feel like the first one in the palette is the only proper highlight that can be used for inner corner highlighting. I tend to use my Naked palettes for this whenever I use this palette.

Right now I tend to wear it for more festive looks, although I did find some shade combinations to create the perfect day look.

Starting with the top row, from left to right, we have:

-Bones: a silvery pale highlight shade with a metallic finish. Perfect for inner corner highlighting, or even highlighting on the cheeks.
- Grip: a light grey shade with fine silver glitter in it. This one is great for a pop of highlight on top of the lid or to go all out with the inner corner highlight for a very festive look.
-Deadbeat: a dark grey (almost black) shade with fine glitter in it. This shade really reminded me of the shade Creep in the original Naked palette, and they are quite similar. In here the glitter doesn't stand out as much as it does with Grip and it's great to darker up certain looks and to make any look a bit smokier.
-Beat Down: a dark cool purpley blue shade with a metallic finish. This one is also great for darkening up certain looks in the crease and I find it works particularly well with the shade right below this one. It's also very beautiful on it's own, if you want to rock a dark smoky eye.
-Pandemonium: a dark aubergine colour with chunky glitter parts. This one is very sparkly but works very well for festive looks or to line the eyes with, because it's so dark. Shades like these really suit my green eyes as well so I'm very happy with this one, although I normally don't wear it for an everyday look.

Swatches: Bones, Grip, Deadbeat, Beat Down, Pandemonium

On the second row, from left to right, we have: 

-Framed: a matte cream shade that's just a little less yellow toned than Foxy (Naked basics, Naked 2). It works well as a subtle brow bone highlight.
-Fastball: a bright coral pink shade with a metallic finish. I never thought I would wear it as much as I do, but I love it in combination with darker purple shades. It will also be the perfect summer shade for all over the lid! It actually looks way more scary in the palette than it looks on the lid. It almost has a duo chromey finish in the way that it looks softer in some lighting and very bright in other.
-1985: a fuchsia pink shade with a metallic finish. This one is actually way too pink for my liking, but is stunning for a full-out party look to pop on the lower lash line, the inner corners or even in the crease.
-Underhand: a purpley burgundy shade with a metallic finish. To me, this is probably the most beautiful colour in the entire palette. Shades like these work so well with my green eyes and I love it in combination with Fastball, in the crease or on the outer V and definitely on the lower lash line for a smokier look.
-Harlot: a lilac shade with a metallic finish. This one is gorgeous all over the crease and beautiful in combination with Underhand. I hoped it would be light enough to use as a brow bone highlight, but it's too pigmented for that and it actually looks quite purple. It works well as a soft inner corner highlight though, if you're sticking to the purple-theme for the rest of the eye.

Swatches: Framed, Fastball, 1985, Underhand, Harlot

On the third row, from left to right, we have:

-Discreet: a light dusty rose with a matte finish. Perfect for the brow bone or as a transition shade to blend out crease colours. I often use it when I went a bit too far down with smoky colours on the lower lash line; I'll just pop some of this on a smudger brush and wipe away the excess of the darker colour.
-Grashopper: a bright blue-toned green with a metallic finish and slight glitter particles in it. This one is so very bright. To this day I've never worn it; I think it just clashes with my green eyes, which are more of a hazely khaki green. I could wear it for crazy carnaval-esque looks, but would never touch it for any other reason. I wish this colour would have been a metallic yellow or copper gold shade in stead, but I get where they wanted to go with the colour scheme when I look at the packaging.
-C-note: this is such a hard colour to describe. It's not grey, it's not khaki, it's not blue either, but it's somewhere in between those three, and has a metallic finish. This is a colour that already suits my green eyes better, but isn't the ideal shade or one I would pick up as a single eyeshadow. I think it does work well with other khaki shades, just to soften up certain parts of the look.
-Arctic: A greenish blue, almost bright turquoise shade with chunky glitter particles. This is definitely one of the shades with more fall out than the others, however it's super pigmented. Again, it's so very bright I wouldn't wear it much, but it would look awesome for a crazy night out look, on the lower lash line maybe.
-Robbery: A shade right in between a medium grey and a khaki green with a metallic finish. I was very excited for this one because I thought is would be more to the green side, but oh well, I guess it's still beautiful. This is more of a neutral colour as well, one of the few in this palette.

Swatches: Discreet, Grashopper, C-note, Arctic, Robbery

On the last row, from left to right, we have:

-Bitter: a matte warm red-toned brown shade that really reminds me of the one in the Zoeva palette. It's super pigmented and blends so well. The quality of this shade in particular is amazing. I love me some good warm brown shades, especially when they are matte. Great for warming up the crease, blending underneath the lower lash line or even popping all over the lid.
-Flame: a coral shade very similar to Fastball, but more to the orange side, with a glittery finish. This glitter goes EVERYWHERE when you apply it, but it's a gorgeous one. Layered over a colour like Bitter this one is just the perfect warm toned party eyeshadow.
-Low: a dark grey shade with a glitter finish. This one is definitely for the smokier looks, which is great! If you want to amp up one of the bright colours with a smoky glittery look, then this is the one to go for. I wished it would be a bit less glittery though, a metallic finish would have been nice too. It could be worn all over the lid, but again, I don't see me doing that on an everyday basis.
-Crowbar: a dark khaki green with a glittery finish. This one in particular is one of my favourites, shadewise. This matches my green eyes perfectly, I've always loved to do my eyes with green eyeshadows like this. It's very glittery, but perfect for an evening look. I could live with the glitters in this shade for a day look as well, just because I love the colour so much.
-Delete: last but not least a neutral milk chocolate brown with a satin finish. With satin, I mean it's not completely matte, it has the slightest shimmer in there but it's hardly noticeable. This is great for rocking the colourful eyeshadows in a more neutral way. It's the perfect crease or liner colour and works great with the surrounding green shades in particular. 

Swatches: Bitter, Flame, Low, Crowbar, Delete

Do I think this is worth the money? It costed me an arm and a leg, but overall with the amount of different eyeshadows you get and considering it's Urban Decay and the quality is amazing, I'd say it's worth the price. I just think this palette would have been ideal if one or two brights would have been more neutral in shade and finish, but hey, that's why it's a Vice palette and not a Naked palette. Maybe I could have done with a less expensive palette of bright colours like these, but it's a nice in-between. I've had my eye on the Electric palette as well, but that one I just can't spend that much money on because those shades are just not wearable at all! This palette was on the edge of "maybe the amount of bright shades won't justify for the price" but overall I'm very happy with the colour selection and it's a nice palette to change it up a bit and experiment with colour.

Do you own any of the Vice palettes? What do you think of them? If you don't, do you own anything similar or would you consider buying this palette? Let me know in the comments below what you think!

Lots of love,


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