A gorgeous Clarins Goodbye-Gift


 Hey everyone!

My lovely little niece bought me a gorgeous goodbye-gift (that she and her mum really didn't need to spend any money on! But still, it's a lovely gift) from Clarins. It's the new 5-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in Natural Glow, a beautiful kit with coppery and bronzey shades in it.

Here are some first impressions and swatches.


Packaging-wise it's really nothing special. I love the rose gold and it has a funny little elastic band around it to close it up. But it's just card board after all and it doesn't really feel all that luxurious. Still, it's great packaging if you think about it: it's not bigger than it needs to be and it's super light weight which makes it very travel-friendly.

The kit comes with a mirror as big as the palette itself - which is always a good thing - and a double-ended applicator. We all know the spunge-tips are rubbish, but the other end has an actual decent eyeshadow brush that you can use on the go.

The shades in the Natural Glow palette are gorgeous: a shimmery champagne highlight, a pale matte cream shade, a shimmery copper, a shimmery bronze and a satin brown shade.

On first impressions the shades aren't really that pigmented, but they are definitely buildable. The first highlight shade is actaully a bit chalky and chunky, but the other ones are great in cinsistency, more buttery.


There is a smokier night time version of this palette as well called Pretty Night and I believe that one was already available before. This palette is £33 / €47,95 and I don't think if I would have bought it myself for that price, but it was a lovely, beautiful gift that I'm going to cherish for a really long time.

What are your opinions on this little palette? Let me know in the comment section below.

Lots of love,

PS: bare with me on the photography-part for the next weeks. I'm going to try to sort out the new blogging and photography situation this week and I've pre-scheduled posts until the 26th so you shouldn't be able to notice that much of a difference. I just really wanted to share this little gem with you asap and worked with what I've got. Hope you understand! xoxo


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