Hair Myths, Do's and Don'ts with Madison Reed


Hey everyone!

Today I have a little hair care-related post for you all in collaboration with Madison Reed. Keep on reading and I hope you enjoy!

A while ago, Madison Reed contacted me to do a hair-related post on my blog. I don't blog about hair stuff very often, because I'm just no good at it. Since my hair has been cut short I really don't do much with, and I always go to the hair salon to get it coloured and treated.

Now there are a lot of myths around taking care of your hair. Some of these are true, some of them aren't. I've always heard the one: "You have to cut your hair in order to let it grow faster" which never made sense to me, until I had the "big cut". 

When I had longer hair, it never seemed to grow all that much, but I didn't want it to get cut too short because I wanted to grow it more. It kind of stopped growing at one point, because my ends were so damaged, but I didn't want them to be cut too much, so they were never all that healthy. But when I chopped it off to my shoulders for the first time, I noticed how much my hair would grow in one month. It's crazy how quickly I get annoyed with my hair right now and need to go to the hair salon at least every 6-8 weeks to get it chopped off again. My hair feels so much healthier right now!

I definitely suck at some hair stuff. I'm actually guilty of never putting on heat protection on before I straighten or curl my hair. I'm also doing good things to my hair though, in my defense! I'm trying to pro-long the time in between washes recently.

Here's a fun graphic from Madison Reed that de-bunks all the myths and tells you all the do's and don'ts for your hair care routine. You can also take a little hair color quiz over on their website if you're interested!

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