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Hey everyone!

It's happened already. I went to the drugstore and came out with more than I actually needed. I've been using the product for the past couple of days and wanted to share these with you today!

I've been very into foundation-trying lately. Finding a good shade match on the drugstore is hell, especially when you're very pale or have a darker skin tone. They seem to always forget about us! I've never really had a good look on the l'Oréal True Match foundation range (or "Accord Parfait" as it says in French on this packaging...) and really wanted to see if there would be anything that matches me well. I have quite a neutral undertone, so many of the drugstore foundations are too yellow (think Bourjois) and some can also be too pink-toned. In this range, they actually thought of us neutral girls! I picked up the shade 1.5N Linen, which is a great match for me at the moment! In fact, the shade is very similar to my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in N°51 Light Vanilla, only ever so slightly less yellow. The consistency of this foundation is quite thick and full-coverage. I've heard good things about it, but I'm not sure if the finish is the perfect one for my oily skin. It kind of sits funny on my face after a couple of hours and creases around my eyes and mouth. Maybe I tried to build it up too much, so I'm going to see if a less heavy layer combined with concealer will do the trick.

I also picked up the l'Oréal True Match Magic Touch (Accord Parfait La Touche Magique) in the shade Rose Porcelain. This one is targeted at lighter skin tones and I think is great for underneath my eyes; the pink tones cancel out my dark circles. I think this is a replacement for the Lumi Magique one over here, since they don't sell that one anymore, but it's basically the same product.

Then I spotted a concealer I've never spotted at our drugstores before. The Maybelline Super Stay 24H seemed like a great concealer for me so I really wanted to try it out. They obviously didn't sell the lightest shade because they never do over here (why???) so I picked up the shade 2 Light Beige. It's more pink toned than the True Match foundation, but works very well in combination with that one. The wand is kind of funny, with it's angled doe-foot applicator and it feels kind of "hard" on the skin, if that makes sense. But it's very easy in application and picks up enough product to cover up all my blemishes in one go. I think it's too full-coverage to put underneath my eyes because this accentuates the fine lines underneath my eyes so much! But it's a great one for my face so i'm really happy with it.

Swatches (l-r): l'Oréal True Match foundation 1.5N, Maybelline Super Stay concealer 2, l'Oréal True Match Magic Touch Rose Porcelain

Then I had a look at the Maybelline ColorSensational lipsticks, as I had head so much about them. Without looking at the price (which is a bloody €11,49 per lipstick here in Belgium!) I picked up four of my favourite nude shades. I definitely could have done with only two and kind of gasped at the checkout when I heard my grand total, but was too embarrassed to put back one or two lipsticks.

I picked up the shades (l-r in picture) 620 Pink Brown, which is a cool pink nude shade, 630 Velvet Beige, which is basically the same only slightly warmer and slightly darker, 715 Choco Cream, a true pale nude, and 930 Nude Embrace, which is from the Matte range and reminds me of Mac Velvet Teddy, only a bit paler.

 Swatches (l-r): 620 Pink Brown, 630 Velvet Beige, 715 Choco Cream, 930 Nude Embrace

Finally I went to pick up a cheeky little H&M High Impact Eye Colour in the shade Shiitake. This is a great taupe bronze, everyday, all over the lid, one wash colour. I kind of lack shades like this in my collection so I really wanted to pick up a single eyeshadow like this. Of course the pigmentation is super great again, these metallic finish eyeshadows from H&M are so beautiful!

Swatch: H&M Shiitake

And now I really need to save some pennies to spend in the UK! No more hauls for you, young lady! *talking to myself in the mirror*

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you own any of these and how you get on with them in the comments below.

Lots of love,


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