Sunday Chillday


Hi everyone!

So I feel like I've only recently found my Sunday jam back again. I used to work for school on Sundays and since I'm now in Manchester, Sundays are way different.

Whenever I have a chill-day, these are the things I like to do.

Pop in the shower/bath and relax

I can enjoy having a shower so much and could stand in there for hours straight. On Sundays when I have all the time in the world, I like to scrub my face and body and double wash my hair, shave and really take time to moisturize my skin when I come out of the shower. I'll probably take extra care for my hair as well and leave in the conditioner for a little longer.

Play my favourite tunes

I'm currently listening to a lot of Anne-Marie's songs (you know, that girl who sung with Rudimental but is now going solo? She has an amazing voice!) and they chill me out so much. Here's the SBTV session she did recently, with such a funny song.

Burn a scented candle

You know me, right? I'm addicted to scented candles, so whenever I want some peace in my head, I'll burn my favourite scented candle.

Bake something

Sometimes I just like to look up the most delicious recipes and try to make them myself. Or when I'm lazy I'll just make Rocky Roads, which is ready in like 5 minutes before I have to pop it into the fridge for a few hours to set. Maybe just some plain old chocolate cookies or cupcakes will do, you can put whatever you want in there, really. So maybe some m&m's, or marshmellows? Sunday's for experimenting!

Try out a make up look

I don't really have the time to experiment with my make up during the week, but I sometimes like to try out new things on a Sunday (or whenever I have a lot of time to get ready). It might be a look I've seen on someone's youtube channel or blog, or it might be some look from a magazine or superstar event, it might even just be me experimenting with what I have. But it's always fun to try new combinations of eyeshadows I have laying around.

What are your favourite activities on a Sunday (or any other chill-day)? Let me know what you're up to today!

Lots of love,


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