UD x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette: first impressions + swatches


Oh. My. God.

I've got my hands on one of the most gorgeous blush palettes I have ever seen in my entire life, by one of my absolute favourite brands of all times!

The Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush palette is one of the more recent additions to the UD collection in collaboration with Gwen and I just couldn't resist picking it up.

I only got it in the mail a few days ago so here are my first impressions on this product. Be prepared to see this baby a lot in the near future!

I always like to start off with talking about the packaging. This is probably the main reason I wanted to get my hands on it. When I saw the eyeshadow palette for the first time, I almost snapped and bought it, but I realised the colours inside of that palette weren't really any different to what I already have in my collection, so I tried to resist buying that one. The blush palette has similar packaging, only it has a white case where the eyeshadow palette is gold and the blush palette has a gold plaque with white circles in it where the eyeshadow palette is white with black circles. It's identical in size, theme and look, they only switched up the colours a bit. The signature gold plaque with "UD | Gwen Stefani" stays the same and really gives it that finishing touch, high-end feel.

The case has a magnetic closing (which we all find so satisfying) and unlike the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette, this one actually feels securely closed with just the magnets, they feel more powerful in a way. The case itself is very sturdy yet sleek and I just love looking at it. It's just so pretty and sophisticated with the gold going on.

The box it comes in is also similar to the eyeshadow palette, only it's black instead of white. I love the graphic theme they have going on in the packaging, with the stripes and the circles. Looks very playful and fun, while still being fancy and classy. Good job, Wende and Gwen!

Inside the case there is a huge mirror and there are six round blushes in a black pan. The shade names are printed in a fuchsia pink lettering, probably referring to the fact they are blushes. As a last finishing touch, there is the little "Magic's in the makeup" in the lower right corner of the mirror, that is the title of one of No Doubt's songs in the past. So cute!

There are six shades inside. It depends on your skin tone as to how you look at them: for me, there are four blushes, one highlighter and one bronzer. The palest shimmery blush could work as a highlighter on darker skin tones as well.

All the blushes are quite pigmented, some are a bit more pigmented than others. They feel very beautiful in consistency and promise to last up to 8 hours. I'm very excited to see if that's true!

Now for the actual shades. I gave them numbers in the swatches below, going in a logical order from left to right, first row and then second row.

A bright purpley pink with a satin finish.

A dark berry/plum pink with a shimmery finish.

A dark champagne highlight with a shimmery finish. (Spot on similar to Benefit Watt's Up).

4. LO-FI
An orangey bronze shade with a matte finish.

A peachy shade with a shimmery finish.

6. OC
A orange duochrome with a pink shift and satin finish. This one is very pale when swatched, I'm not sure when I would wear a duochrome blush, but it might work great as an eyeshadow!

I'm super duper excited to start playing around with this one as the quality feels amazing on first trial!
I expected nothing less from Urban Decay.

at €46,20 / £35 I think this is very reasonably priced. It's not even £6 per blush and you get an amazing packaging along with it!

I will let you know how I get on with this but I know I will definitely love this one a lot. Keep you posted; in the mean time we can all look at this blog post every day and drool over the beautiful packaging...

Lots of love,


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