What to do on V-day when you're single


Hi everyone!

I hope everyone who is NOT single has an amazing day today. But to all my fellow single-ladies: here are some things you could do to beat the valentine's blues.

Make some chocolate goodies

I did a post last year where I showed you some hand-made chocolate truffles. You could also make rocky roads, for example, which I'm doing all the time lately! I've been following Tanya Burr's recipe ever since she did a baking video on it and it's so yummy and super easy to do.

Watch a good movie

And just watch whatever you like on this day: if you're a very anti-v-day person, just watch some netflix series instead. If you are one of the sentimental ones, you could watch Valentine's Day, or any other romantic movie. Grab yourself a bowl of chips or popcorn and forget the outside world even exists.

Get ahead of your blogging schedule

Maybe today is the perfect day to take some blog photos or schedule some posts in advance, so you have some time to relax the next few days. If you have nothing else to do today anyways, you might as well use your free time to do what you love!

Go outside and take a walk

Or go have a drink with fellow single-friends, if it's rainy outside. Either way, going outside on a Sunday can feel so liberating. There are days where I just sit inside the house all day and I just don't know what to do with myself. Clearing my head and going for a walk can do wonders for my mental health.

Now I'm still away for the weekend, with my choir, but I'll be back in the afternoon to pack my bags. I'm leaving for Manchester tomorrow and it's frickin' exciting! Will catch up with everyone of your comments and stuff very soon, pinky promise!

Lots of love,


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