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Hi everyone!

I did a post like this before when I just started blogging and didn't have all the products to show you. Let's just forget that ever happened and re-assemble my Make Up Starter Kit today, okay?

These are the products I would definitely recommend for make up beginners (that may be on a budget as well).

FOUNDATION: l'Oréal True Match

A lot of people seem to really enjoy this foundation and if you are one that really wants to cover up the spots and acne, this one might be for you. (If you're skin looks great, please skip the foundation! You won't need it when you first start out playing around with make up, it might just give you some confidence when you want to hide spots.) It has an amazing colour range to choose from and is easy access for most people in the UK and EU (I think).

CONCEALER: Maybelline Fit Me

This is a great all rounder for different purposes. Suffering from acne? This will cover up most of it. Dark circles under your eyes? This will definitely brighten up the area and cover up the circles as well, without caking up too much. If you're quite oily skinned like me, you might want to set it with a powder, like the Rimmel Stay Matte for instance (which is a great one for oily skin types!)

BRONZER: Soap&Glory Solar Powder

You definitely don't need to go overboard with this part of the make up just yet, but this is a great product for that slight contoured look (with a smaller, denser brush) or an all over bronzed look (with a big fluffy brush). It's hard to over-do this one so I'd definitely recommend it when you've never tried any bronzer before.

BLUSH: H&M cream blushes

Unlike most people think, cream blushes are actually so much easier to work with than powder ones! If you do go overboard with it at all, you can easily blend it into the skin to make it look softer, something that's quite a big harder when it's a powder blush. Whatever you prefer though, I think the H&M blushes are great value for money.

BROWS & EYESHADOW: Urban Decay Naked Basics palette

Yes. This is the most expensive product in this post, but hear me out. I think it's a great multi-tasker in the way that it has some amazing brow shades in there, so if you have any angled eyeshadow brush, you can mix these shades together to create the perfect shade to fill in your brows. It's also an awesome beginners palette for the eyeshadow part of your make up. If there's anything I think you should invest in, it's a good quality eyeshadow. It will make it much easier to blend and to not make you look like a clown. A more affordable option is one of the Collection eyeshadow palettes, of course.

CREAM EYESHADOW: Maybelline Color Tattoo - On and On Bronze + Kiko Cream Shadow Stick 06

Both of these are amazing, standard bronze shades that will suit literally everyone and both are very easy to work with ànd affordable on top of it all. The pot you apply with your finger, the stick you apply from the bullet and then blend with you finger. Both give the same effect: a  shimmery smokey look in just one swipe.

MASCARA: Maybelline The Falsies

This was the first mascara I ever used every day. Before I used to put on mascara only a few times, but since I bought the Falsies one, I just applied it every single day. I'm so glad I picked this up back in the days! It's easy to apply, holds a curl, stays on and doesn't smudge, is easy to get off in the evening, and is just overall an amazing product.

LIPS: NYX Butter Gloss + Rimmel Lipsticks

I think you really can't go wrong with both of these products in any shade. If you want just a little bit of colour on your lips, you might want to go for the lip gloss, if you want to go all out you might want to check out these Rimmel lipsticks. They are pretty darn good for their price!

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out with make up? Let me know down below, we might actually help someone out! ;-)

Lots of love,


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