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Recently I've been very into wearing different mascaras at the same time. Sometimes I'll use a different one on my bottom lashes than I used on my top lashes, or sometimes I just want the best of both worlds and combine a lengthening mascara with a volumizing one. Here are some of the mascaras I like to layer.

Too Faced Better Than Sex - volume

I like this one a lot on it's own, but it works magic when layered on top of a very separating one. It does tend to clump the lashes together a little bit, which is okay, but when I prefer a non-clumpy look but still want the volume, I'll definitely use this one second.

l'Oréal Telescopic - separation

This one has the skinniest brush and is awesome for really getting to the roots of the lash. Because it's a plastic wand, it separates my lashes beautifully and this is just an awesome step to take before putting on the volume afterwards. I also like this one for my lower lashes, because the wand is so skinny.

MaxFactor Velvet Volume - length + separation

You would expect this gives you all the volume, right? 'cause it's called "velvet volume"? Well this one doesn't really do that for me, personally. Okay well it gives each lash more volume, but doesn't give my entire lashes the look of being fuller. You know what I mean? Anyways, it separates my lashes beautifully and because it's such a spikey plastic wand, I never put it too close to the lash line. Therefore, concentrating it on the length of the lashes, it gives them a good curl and lots of length. I'll definitely use this one as a first step, before putting on a volumizing mascara.

Maybelline The Falsies - volume + multiplication

I used to love using this one on it's own as well, it makes my lashes look as if I actually have more lashes. This is what I want from a volumizing mascara! It's also a pretty good mascara for holding a curl without making your lashes all stiff and crunchy (you know what I mean, right?) This will layer beautifully on a lengthening mascara.

So let me know: have you tried layering your mascaras before? If so, how did you get on with it? Which ones are your favourite combinations? Let me know down below!

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