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Hi everybody!

Today I'm here with a not-so-fancy post full of products that literally save me on a weekly basis. I thought it might be interesting to see the products that I don't always mention on my blog because they don't look THAT nice, but I have been using for such a long time and I couldn't love without anymore.

3/5 products are lip products, but did you expect anything else? Nope.

Avène Cold Cream Lip Balm

No, I don't know why it's called "cold cream" either, but this lip balm has such a creamy formula, it makes your lips so soft. I used to use this years ago and I kind of hated how they would actually make my lips turn white when I applied it. I like carrying around a lip balm at all times, so I kind of switched to the more balmy lip balms. After using those for a long time, I noticed that lip balms like that would actually just put a layer on top of my lips, but when it comes to actual healing and softening, this one from Avène is just the best one I could find in Belgium. It nourishes and actually helps healing the lips when they are a bit dried out and cracked.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub

Continuing with the lip products, this is probably the fanciest products out of all five today. I have mentioned this one on my blog before and this little pot just lasts ages! I've only used the tiniest bit, but I've been using it loads! This is an absolute life saver for me when it comes to wearing dark matte lipsticks like Mac Sin or Rimmel 107. Berry shades are always quite hard to get off and matte lipsticks tend to dry out my lips, so after taking the lipstick off, I like to go in with this lip scrub. It just helps to get rid of any lipstick still left in the little cracks of my lips and it also makes your lips very soft. You definitely need to follow up with a lip balm because this just scrubs everything away!

Bepanthol Lip Cream

Last lip product of this post, I promise! This one comes in handy when my lips are actually damaged and rough and sometimes a lip balm just doesn't cut it. When my lips need healing, this one will do that in no time. It comes in a little tube and you need the tiniest amount. I wouldn't recommend wearing it in public, but when you're sitting at home and want your lips to heal, you can just smear a thick layer of this one on your lips and they will feel better after a few applications.

Nivea Cream

This cream is a great all rounder for all dry patches. I usually use it for when I've had a cold and the area around my nose is super dry from blowing my nose all the time. Or wherever on my body I have a dry patch, this one will make it disappear. I have a little travel size one so it's easy to have it in your bag or on your night stand, and again, this lasts you forever! I think if you have very dry skin, it might work wonders as a daily moisturizer as well. This is just one of those old school products that your mum, your granny and probably your grand grand grand mother also used for everything.

The Body Shop Cuticle Oil

This is a fairly recent purchase for me and I can't believe I didn't pick it up sooner! There's just something about my nails that always makes the skin around the edges very dry and scratchy and this is an amazing product for softening up the skin around the nails. It makes your cuticles healthy again with the almond oil and it's so easy to apply with the little brush tip. It comes in the shape of a twist-up brush, kind of like the Lumi Magique concealer from l'Oréal. Super handy to have in your purse or on your night stand and put on whenever you're watching netflix, or having some time to read blogs, or when you're doing a DIY manicure!

What un-fancy life savers do you use all the time that you can recommend to me and my readers? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to discover some new gems that no one ever talks about!

Lots of love,


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